The HUGE Annex

We took a big risk and rented a space two doors down from HUGE.   We know that there are performers looking for regular times to practice and we don’t have room for everyone.   We’re offering co-op slots!  You get two hours a week just for you, and then dibs on flexible time as it is available.  Only $25 a week!

Here’s the application if that sounds like a sweet deal to you:



Where is it?

At 3025 S Lyndale Ave, 55408, next to Saigon Restaurant.  Enter through the side door.

How will I get access?

You’ll have your own key.

How will I pay?

One monthly payment of $100.  Discounts available for members.

I don’t have a hundred dollars a month!

Divide it up among the participants in your rehearsal.

What about insurance and utilities?

Insurance and utilities are included.