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The HUGE Anniversary Show is SOLD OUT


It’s been far too long since I’ve posted here – I keep working on a post for so long that another milestone passes and suddenly I have more to write about – from the Improvathon to the Improviser of the Year Awards to holiday shows to the latest Throwback night and some schemes for 2014.

But I am excited to announce the cast of the Anniversary Show happening at HUGE on January 25th at 8pm – I hope you’ll join us as we do what we do best and then raise a glass to all the hard work that has come with 3 years of our favorite little theater.

year two


Act 1 features:

Samantha Pereira

Beth Gibbs

Bradley Machov

MJ Marsh

Dan Linden

Janelle Blasdel

Dan Jaquette

Casey Haeg

Molly Chase

and Meghan Wolff


Act 2 features:

Butch Roy

Jill Bernard

Nels Lennes

Jake Scott

Aric McKeown

Joe Bozic

Mike Fotis

Rita Boersma

Tim Hellendrung

Eric Knobel

Michael Ritchie

and Hannah Wydeven


Tickets are available online now – the show is free for Members of HUGE Theater – we hope to see you there for a really fun show, some teary-eyed Board members and taking the next photo-inside-a-photo-inside-a-photo-inside-a-photo!