Send Me A Postcard Casting

To everyone who auditioned for Send Me a Postcard –

Thank you. Thank you for your time and your willingness to try out for something a little different. Thank you for putting yourself out there and having fun. Thank you for confirming my belief that we have one of the best improv scenes in this country and it’s only getting better.

As you can imagine, choosing a cast has not been easy and as with all casts, I sought to bring together a group with diverse experience, background and styles to create a dynamic team that will create a superb show. Because I saw so many talented and experienced improvisers audition, I actually decided to expand the cast from what I was originally thinking. Please know that you may have had an outstanding audition – as many of you did – but your style and ability may not have fit what my vision for the show is.

I know I will see you all at the theater again at some point and I hope to have a chance to work with you somewhere down the road.

Here’s the cast:
Amanda Underwood
Eric Simons
Will Roberts
Kristen Pichette
Taylor Pettis
Mary Mangan
Seniz Yargici Lennes
Andy Katzung
Joe Halvarson

Cliff Zawasky