Weekend ticketing at HUGE

Our weekend “Pay Once, Stay All Night” ticketing is one of the hardest things to explain quickly and causes a bit of confusion when things sell out – both of which I will try to explain here.

Friday and Saturday Nights – Pay Once, Stay All Night

When you purchase a ticket for the 8pm show or 9:30 show you are invited to stay for the rest of the night for that one $10 ticket. If you’re only coming to the 10:30 show, it will only cost you $5 but those tickets are not available in advance. I’ll cover that in just a bit.

When people purchase tickets ahead of time, we must reserve that ticket for the entire evening (until they claim it and then leave) so the seat they paid for is waiting for them when they arrive.

People often purchase tickets for the 9:30 show and skip the 8pm show, but we have to leave their seats open in the 8pm show as well, so it is possible to have empty seats at a sold out show.

The most common scenario we see is people staying for both the 8pm and 9:30 shows, with a majority of them also staying for the 10:30 show, which is why when the 8pm show is sold out we also mark the 9:30 show as sold out.

The $5 tickets for the 10:30 show are only listed as “May be available at the door” but we literally do not know how many (if any) will be available until people begin leaving after the 9:30 show.

The doors open for the 10:30 show at 10:15-10:20 and we will sell tickets to our rush line as they become available. If nobody leaves, no tickets become available.

The only way to guarantee a ticket to the 10:30 show is to pay the $10 ticket price in advance – think of the $5 tickets as the “rush ticket price” and (like with all rush tickets) you get cheaper tickets BUT run the risk of not getting a ticket at all.

Our sellout number is per fire code and already includes everyone we can allow in the theater and we provide a seat for every ticket we are allowed to sell – that is why we do not have standing room tickets once we sell out of seats. The number is absolutely inflexible and we must adhere to it.

If you ever arrive at HUGE theater to find that we are sold out, the most important thing to remember is that we want to let you in, we want you to see the shows just as much as you want to see them. That’s why we opened a theater. While a sellout house is great news for the theater and the performers, it also means our box office staff will be giving everyone else bad news all night long – please be nice to them.

We firmly believe that our ticketing model is the not only best value for our audience, it also gives them a way to discover new shows and new artists risk-free, and introducing more audiences to more wonderful improv shows is an important part of fulfilling our mission – while it isn’t the easiest thing to explain or to work with all the time, it is the easiest way to spend an evening enjoying some of the best improvised theater in the country and we hope that you will.

As always – We don’t want you to see more improv because we opened a theater, we opened a theater because we want you to see more improv.