Crambo and Dumb Crambo

Crambo is a really old game, dating back to the 14th century old.  I was taught it by Sparky Johnson who was taught it by Viola Spolin who invented the American tradition of Improvisational Theater.

How to play:

One player says, “I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with ____.”  Then the other players try to guess what word using definitions for the word.  Example:

Player one : “I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with porch”

Player two: “Is it a flaming object carried in the olympics?”

Player one: “No, it’s not a torch”

Player three: “Is it what happens if I leave the iron sitting on my shirt?”

Player one: “No, it’s not scorch”

…continue until guessed.

Dumb Crambo is the mime version of this game.  The word guessed is a verb, and the players have to silently mime their guess.  At HUGE we tend to play Dumb Crambo in a circle, but it is traditionally a team game. The guessing team goes out of the room, the guesser team thinks of a verb.  When the guessing team comes back in they have to all act out the verb together without verbally discussing it.

Read more about Viola Spolin here: