Bonfires burning bright, Pumpkin faces in the night

Hey all – it’s been a while.

Been musing on a couple of posts but there is always so much to do that keeps me away from the keyboard for extended periods of time but there are so many cool things coming up you need to know about.  As always – I don’t want you to come see shows because we want to sell more tickets, I want you to come see these shows because if you miss them I feel sorry for you.

If you miss these, you miss out.


— Down to Business —

Annual MonstOberFest Shows…and then some

October is one of my favorite months at HUGE because it brings back two of my favorite shows – Survivors of the Undead Plague and Creature Feature – the run is short so make sure you catch them while you can.  Survivors features a new cast of frightened zombie chow and new lessons in improv gun safety – I look forward to this show all year long, come see why.

Creature Feature might be the first HUGE show ever created and it’s always a blast when it comes around every October – 8 years running and those kids never learn to stay away from the abandoned chemical plant…or to stick together…

They are playing Fridays and Saturdays* and Halloween night.

October 19-20th ::

*Survivors and Creature Feature are NOT on that weekend – because the great and mighty BASSPROV will be here for one weekend only!  Joe Bill and Mark Sutton row the fishing boat to the stage at HUGE Theater and we’re damn excited to have  them and very thankful to the State Arts Board for the touring grant that made it possble!


Other fun news ::  October 21st

The Mustache Rangers are going to be streaming their 250th podcast on stage where they started off,  at the Improv A Go Go – Congratulations to the Rangers, we’re very excited to see all the awkward pauses live in person !

That same night features a very special one-night-only return of THE BENNETS – they will put a crimp in your brain!

New shows coming in November :: Throwback Night, Family Dinner, The Board of Directors and the Mustache Rangers

Throwback Night : an Evening of Old School Improv – This one has been a long time coming!

Five Man Job (Butch Roy, Nels Lennes and Lauren Anderson) direct three groups of improvisers showcasing classic long form improv structures The Harold, The Deconstruction (invented by Del Close and The Family) and Close Quarters (invented at Second City, Chicago) that will stretch your mind – Why an improv theater?  This is why. Come see.

Fridays at 8pm – Nov 2nd – Dec 28th



Mustache Rangers – That’s right, Cadets!  The Rangers are back! Warm up the ion cannons, turn off the safety alerts and  herd your friends into HUGE theater for this show.

Fridays at 9:30pm – Nov 2nd – Dec 28th





Family Dinner – HUGE’s first holiday show, we decided to do the holidays at your house.

A cast of improvisers from all over the Twin Cities meet on stage as a family returning home for the holidays – complete with a holiday feast.   Originally staged at ComedySportz, we are excited and proud to bring your family to our stage.

Saturdays at 8pm – Nov 3rd – Dec 29th



The Board of Directors – Seriously. We are the actual, factual Board of Directors of HUGE Theater.

If you’ve ever sat in an improv show and thought,  “Hmmm…I wonder how they make budgetary decisions” then we’ve failed in so, so many ways.

BUT If you’ve ever thought, “I wonder how the people that run this place would handle a ninja invasion…” then this show will answer your strange, strange questions.

The Board is: Butch Roy, Jill Bernard, Nels Lennes and Molly Chase

Saturdays at 9:30pm – Nov 3rd – Dec 29th

There is more, there is always more – but I think that is enough for now.