You never know what they'll throw at you, a curveball or a question

We have a very special weekend coming up while the casts of SPORT, Star Trek and Bearded Men are in Austin, Texas representing MN at the Out Of Bounds Festival.  Time to break out some special mischief while everyone is away…

Friday – 8pm – Off Book : Fringe Edition

Off Book is the show that pairs an actor that has learned their half of a two-person scene with an improviser that has no idea what the scene (or even the play) is. Featuring scripts and cast from your favorite Fringe Festival shows of 2012.

Friday – 10:30 – Ferrari McSpeedy and Five Man Job

Mike Fotis and Joe Bozic are Ferrari McSpeedy, the two-man assault on the senses and the fabric of time and space.  Nels Lennes, Butch Roy and Lauren Anderson make up Five Man Job, they will take you to such dark places – Two great insane tastes that taste insanely great together.

Saturday – 8pm – Ka-Baam!!

The improvised superhero comic returns to HUGE Theater!

You give us the names of three heroes that don’t yet exist and we’ll give you their origin stories and giant-action-packed-team-up-adventure, complete with cover art drawn during the show by our special guest artist.

Saturday – 10:30 – The Explorer’s Club Returns

Improv comedy meets Manifest Destiny.  Come hear and see the tales of the greatest group of adventurers and explorers in this world or any other.  Explorer’s Club is now part of the Saturday Late Night Mix, first Saturday of every month!