this is my dedication to dedication. I dedicate this to you.

I posted about this in the State of HUGE blog but we are finally rolling out (some) payroll at the theater! People that are long overdue are going to start getting paid for the time they put into the place and we’re working hard to figure out who else we can compensate and the most fair/consistent ways to do so.
Today, Jill and I exchanged the first paychecks issued by HUGE to staff.

It feels like the beginning of something new and exciting and nerve-wracking.

(We take bad photos of important moments on purpose.)
I am deliriously happy that we can finally start paying people and holding my breath and hoping that money doesn’t change the way the place feels and how people interact with it.

I was also worried about the announcement – because I am always aware of how much I feel I owe people and I was afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings as we started paying out. Worried about the “what about me?” question I figured was so inevitable.

To my surprise, it hasn’t happened yet, in fact I was approach a few times by people asking “What about you?” – because their main concern was that HUGE pay me before themselves. Some of them got back to me to say they didn’t want to be paid and would like to continue to volunteer their hours to the theater as a way they can keep donating.

Small moments, maybe, but another way that our people continue to stagger me with how unselfish and wonderful and giving they are at every turn – As the guy in charge, I can tell you that it’s no small thing.

These are the things I stress about the most in running the business part of the theater – and these people manage to turn it into a joy.  I will never not owe them for everything they have done and everything they continue to do, money can’t really capture what their contributions mean and can’t really give them what they deserve – but it’s a start and it’s about damn time.