It Came From Later!

Exciting times – new things on the horizon as we emerge from Fringe Festival madness

Everyone take a minute to rest, dust yourselves off and then we are going to get the Fall season rolling with a lot of cool new stuff – not least of which is the Improv A Go Go will be Pay What You Can starting on 8/19 when it starts back up.  That means you can come any Sunday, name your price and enjoy some of the best, newest and strangest improv in the Cities.

This was made possible by our Members – we hear that our Membership program keeps ticket prices down all the time, but rarely do we get to see tangible results from it, normally it just means things stay the way they are.  We have been very eager to get the ticket price of IAGG back down ever since we raised them out of financial need and our Members are indeed what allowed that to happen – if you’re a Member already, thank you.

If you’re not a member yet, sign up and see what other cool stuff we can do!

New Shows :: Sean & The Ladies, Class of ’94, Special Shows and GONE

Starting 8/16, Thursday nights are a lot more musical and a little more lady-like as Sean & The Ladies bring their improvised musical show straight into your ear and eye holes.

Beginning 8/17, class is in session at De Roma High as the angst and antics of the Class of ’94 hit Fridays at 9:30

Friday, 8/31 – One night only – Off Book, Fringe Edition!

Off Book, the show that pairs an actor that has memorized one half of a script with an improviser that has no idea what the script is, presents a special night of scenes pulled from your favorite Fringe Festival shows!

Saturday, 9/1 – One night only – KaBaam! the improvised comic book returns!

Three origin stories of heroes you name – one action packed team adventure – too many thrills for one stage in one night for one audience! Watch if you dare!!!

8pm Fridays in September – GONE

The improvised, mind-bending drama of a collection of “castaways” who are “trapped” on an “island” after they “crash” and have to “survive” any way they can.

8/23 – Happy Hour Board Meeting and Open House

Join us. Come take a look around, come ask questions of us. Come make suggestions. Give ideas. Get involved. Or just come have a beer, listen in and find out what HUGE is planning and how we’re doing.

That is all for now, hope to see you when you’ve all slept off your Fringe hangover