it's the HUGE Hangout Auction


Visit eBay (CLICK HERE) to bid on social outings with your favorite local performers and friends in the second HUGE HANGOUT AUCTION!

Right now we have several amazing auction items, including a beach party (with the Class of 94), karaoke (with Sean & the Ladies), a customized tour of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (with artists in residence Brandon Boat and Tane Danger), ice cream at Sebastian Joe’s (with the Minneapples), and so much more!

All money from this auction will go to HUGE Improv Theater, an artist-led non-profit dedicated to supporting the Twin Cities improv community through performance and education. Located at 3037 Lyndale Ave, Minneapolis MN 55408, HUGE is the only all-improv longform theater in the Twin Cities. The winning bid amount is a tax-deductible charitable contribution, and the auction winner will receive a receipt for tax purposes