Target practice on the cactus, low on ammo, no supplies…

Two big things this week, so it seems to be time for another blog ::

The bar is open!

Last night, HUGE served the first drinks from our newly-approved bar area.  It has been a long, tedious, expensive and frustrating process that often felt like it was going nowhere – insert joke about it driving us to drink, har har.

Everyone kept reminding us how much it was going to help HUGE in terms of revenue but it was easy to miss the other really important reason to do it – the theater feels more like a place to spend time with friends.  Strange as that sounds, it’s totally true.  At the end of the shows the building would be dark and quiet and we would often find ourselves trying to decide on a place to go hang out that wasn’t too crowded to sit, too loud to talk or basically just enough of a pain to get in the way of hanging out together.

The more we can fill the space with great people having a great time together, the more alive and fun the space is – and that by itself is worth all the time and mental energy that went into getting us here.

Come tilt a few with us, or just grab a seat and hang out.

– – –

The Improv Festival is upon us!

This is the big week of the year, we plan for it, work on it, scheme over it, worry about it and look forward to it – and yet it still manages to sneak up on us.

I could not be more excited to have familiar faces back to the Festival and in the new space – really I’m nothing but excited.  The whole thing is goddamn exciting.  Tickets are moving fast – TJ & Dave tickets are available online only right now and there are only a few left, but they aren’t the only show you should worry about missing.

This Festival is going to melt your face off.

– – –

Not a small thing but HUGE has a Groupon deal that is live today – you can get 50% off tickets or unlimited shows all July!

– – –

That is all for now – off to see how much we can get done in the couple short days before TCIF…and if you’ve been following HUGE, you know how much we can get done in just a couple hours.