We drink, we dry up and now we crumble into dust.

Something new every day – that has been the mantra at HUGE during the daylight hours.  We don’t mess around.

I do actually try to get something new done or added to the theater every working day I have there, big or small, partly as a way to keep myself from getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of things there still are to do.  Sometimes it’s as small as a fishbowl full of cell phones, sometimes it’s new software on the tech booth computers to make running shows easier.  This week we made the “last” big addition to the theater by expanding into the backstage area.

This space has always been part of the plan, since it is a weird part of our building that the landlord had sectioned off – but leasing only the big part of the building we have now was a deal-breaker since the market for tenants looking for a 10 ft wide space with no doors or windows is probably smaller than the number of non-profit improv theater companies in the Cities.  We were able to put off possession of the space to keep the rent low (I have mentioned that our landlord is awesome to work with before, right?) while we got up and running but the time has come, the main theater space is mostly finished and this was something we needed to get done before TCIF and Fringe.

SO – Jill’s father and I picked up some big power saws and made holes in our perfectly good walls, Josh and I dragged couches up from the basement we’ve been using as a (chilly) greenroom/storage/office space and the cast of The Score broke it in on Friday night.

I’m actually a bit anti-backstage as I think the openness and casual nature of HUGE is a big part of our personality and I love that audiences can come and see the talent hanging out before the shows – we are, after all, just like them.

“All those partitions would interfere with the free flow of unhinged panic” – Snow Crash

But having an area for people to change, a few extra ways in and out of the space during show and a little extra room to actually have a workbench, a desk and (gasp!) some comfort are welcome additions as well.

Plus it gives me another area to keep adding things to each day.  The day after we cut the holes I added the door, the day after that the locks, the coat hooks, lamps and mirror mounts. Then we had a rental for two days so the dust will settle a little bit before I go back on the attack tomorrow.  Still tweaking the sound system and planning on the install of a piano box/music platform so we can finally feature live music at our shows as well.  That’s another day, part of another week but it’s coming.

Fear not, there are still some nice, big additions coming the public can enjoy as well – one of which I am really, incredibly excited about in the nerdiest of ways – we just got confirmation on it today and you won’t be able to miss it when it goes in.

Stay tuned.