We make love and song, keep mind and spirit strong

New stuff at HUGE starting in April – the surprises include (but are not limited to):

Mondays – 8pm – As always


Tuesdays – 6pm

Wednesdays – 7pm – HUGE Wednesdays

Now with Teddy Bear Tornado! 


Thursdays – 8pm

featuring:   Pete’N’Putter, Mittens & Buttons and Tarantino all month long!


Fridays – 8pm – Bring your iPods, Mp3 Players, even CDs for…

9:30:  The Minneapples

10:30:  Explorers’ Club



Saturdays – 8pm – the Board – We put the doors in, we will blow them off.

9:30 – The Bennets!

10:30 – TNG & Bearded Men


Sundays – 8pm

The Improv A Go Go is now $5!

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke!