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HUGE build blog: Waiting

The boring updates are as follows:

The drywall guy is STILL going.  The Minneapolis electrical inspector just didn’t show for the inspection last week, which pushed everyone else back as well.  The wall guy was waiting for the inspector so he can close the walls, the electricians are waiting for the inspector and the wall guy, the plumber is waiting for the walls, tile and cement to dry, the cement guy was waiting for the wall guy to be done in the bathrooms so he didn’t make tracks in the new concrete – and all of them are waiting to find out what’s next.

Except the drywall guy, who is just waiting for the cement and the drywall mud to dry.

This week I have plenty to do in the meantime, which is better than just having to be there and trying to stay out of the way all day.

The stage is now handicapped accessible with a spiffy new ramp and some steps.  The tech booth now has the raised floor which allows the technician to literally (as opposed to psychologically) look down over everyone.  The dumpster was dropped off and filled before the sun came up, with another 2 dumpsters worth of scrap wood and drywall to go.  Now I’m waiting for it to be picked up.

In the meantime, the city of Minneapolis suddenly realized that they never had their mechanical reviewer sign off on our plans before giving us a building permit so now we have to scramble to get a mechanical engineer over to the space to certify that we meet the fresh air requirements for an assembly space – because we would hate to run out of air in the middle of a show.  Although that would provide an incredible amount of realism to the Mustache Rangers’ set….anyway.

I don’t know what day it is anymore.  It’s the side-effect of not having a “job” and all that.

I know that tomorrow the electricians are finally coming back and I am picking up the paint that will eventually adorn the lobby walls and possibly tiling the bathroom (depending on the drying of the walls) and sealing up the basement walls between our space and the landlord’s space – trying to get word back on what exactly we can get away with for one of those artsy bike racks and trying to coordinate some strong arms to unload the metal doors that are being delivered next week while I am out of town.

Show X has one more week at the Bryant Lake Bowl and I remain optimistic that it will move over to HUGE without a break and soon my blogging will be all about the fun of running shows instead of the slow march that is construction.

I cannot wait.