Opening doors and closing curtains

Clearing the gap ::

This weekend, HUGE Theater enters scary territory.  This Sunday marks the final Improv A Go Go at the Brave New Workshop, our home for more than 8 years, and the new space has yet to open.  In fact the new space is yet to be completed.

We have now come to that gap that I have long feared – between the point of no turning back and the day we open our doors.

Honestly, we passed the point of making sense to turn around long ago when we signed the lease and began bleeding money into this building.  Sure, we could stop now and take the loss of money and credibility but the shows themselves and the comfortable status quo would remain largely unchanged.   Somehow the change to the environment seems so much more irreversible than something as fleeting as money.

The other scary factor is just the unknown – after tonight I am not able to say for certain when the next Improv A Go Go is, something that hasn’t happened in our long history.  We are taking submissions for the Improv Festival to happen in a venue that doesn’t exist yet.  I am still keeping my fingers crossed that if we throw all these things into the air, we can somehow pull off building a place for them to land…maybe on the second bounce.  That’s an unsettling metaphor.

In a few minutes I’m off to the open house to let everyone come see the space – I hope everyone does

Then off to take the familiar stage that has been the home of the IAGG, from which all of this has grown.