Take in what we are taking on

Updates on the HUGE build – it’s been a while since I’ve posted and while things with the city and permits don’t feel like they’ve moved at all we’ve actually gotten quite a bit accomplished for a small, scrappy little company with lots of help from those around us.  The Theater has become what I am eating, sleeping and breathing and almost the only thing I talk about these days so it’s easy to forget that not everyone knows where we are and what is going on.  Some highlights…

We have a stage – By that I mean we have a large box-like platform in the corner of the building which looks very much like a stage but is not secured to the structure itself…because that would be a stage….which would require a permit to build.

We have a BOX just doesn’t sound the same or have the same connotation.  George came up from Mankato with a truckload of tools and did most of the build himself and still managed to make it home before dawn.  You should all thank him.

We are.

Rehearsals have started on the stage (er…box) – Overheard in Minneapolis has a new cast and is gearing up for the remount when HUGE opens doors this fall.  I love this show and I am nothing but excited to have it be one of our anchor shows every week.   TNG and Four Humors have both been using the space for their rehearsals and everyone is cohabitating nicely.

Classes have started – Nels is teaching an Improv 101 class on Tuesday nights and Jill is offering a drop-in class on Wednesday evenings.

All of this means the space is starting to feel very alive and bustling with energy, HUGE is hard at work trying to put together all the pieces of the actual construction but the former retail space already feels very much like a theater and a home for what we do.  One of the things that was really important to me was that we were very open and inviting about how we proceed and not let the busy work of dealing with codes and inspectors get between us and what we’re doing – and more importantly – who we are doing it for.

I have been tweeting my hours at the space on the HUGE feed to let people know when we’re there working and any time I’m in the building (and not in the basement) I prop the front door open to invite people to stop in, check the space out and ask questions – and the reaction has been really fantastic.  People from the neighborhood come in to ask what the place is going to be, someone from the Jungle stopped in to talk theater, a couple that was visiting their old home in Minneapolis stopped in and were marveling at the changes in the neighborhood and more than a couple people have poked their heads in looking for jobs.

Basically, I’m excited as hell about the future and words don’t really do it.  Come see how things are going, take a walk around the space and ask questions.  Without people the place is just a building.  Any time the door is open, walk in.