The Pushback

A 30 mile estimation (that would be as the crow flies) to the nearest filling station…dangerous but worth a try

The shell of a building is slowly turning into a theater – the walls are primed and measurements have been taken, the city has moved our stack of papers from one desk to the next … soon enough we will no longer have to refer to it as “the old Lava Lounge building” and we will be filling the walls and space with laughs and fun.   The whole thing is really amazing to see from the inside and all the things that I used to worry about and allow to hold up the process (like how will we pay for every little thing) are now exciting and I can’t wait to take them on.

It’s a great way to feel when going to work every day.

The strangest thing to adjust to is the fact that I’ve been getting a lot of congrats from people on the progress and people keep thanking me for my work.  It’s tough to give their thanks the weight they deserve (and I really do appreciate it) when I’m having so much fun.  It seems that kudos, much like a paycheck, are things that I had forgotten you can have a really great time earning.

For as much as people give me credit for what’s going on the most inspiring part of the whole process for me has been the people that surround us through this whole thing.  I knew we have an amazing community of performers and a really terrific and loyal audience but the energy, time, money and help that people have been sending our way have been truly humbling.

Last week [someone we will thank by name later in a more official post] just strolled into the theater and took care of our window and curtain needs.  Just like that.  Today I picked up all the black paint we need for the entire space from a donor.  Taken care of.  There are chairs being endowed every week.  Josh Kuehn shows up almost every day and works on the theater before going to school.

When just one of those things happen it’s amazing and awe-inspiring and makes me glad and proud that we took the leap on this whole insane thing – when they keep happening day after day and coming from people that aren’t getting any recognition or photos of themselves jumping up and down on Lake and Lyndale in the paper, then I know that nothing could possibly go wrong.  You people are awesome.  Someday I’ll have the honor and privilege to thank you all from the stage of HUGE Improv Theater and it will be because of all of you.

This is going to be great.