Looking for Technics turntables to Gramophones…

Intermittent build blogging:: the waiting continues

As mentioned in the first entry, we’re spending every free second in August trying to raise money for this insane project – and we’ve been incredibly lucky and overwhelmed by the support we’ve gotten so far.  Which means approaching people that have been long-time supporters and in most cases have already given us something and asking for all we can get.  A special mention is in order –


Shelter Architecture:  These. Guys. Kick. Ass.*

Not only are they donating design services to HUGE as we announced in March but since we’ve locked down the space they’ve generously given us their time and expertise in all things from handicapped accessibility to fire codes and sound suppression to help us create the coolest theater we can AND get it approved by the city for the September build.  They are creating our building plans  and some 3D models we hope to be able to post images from soon.  It all adds up to a great deal of their time and talent and we would not be anywhere near as ready were it not for them.

I don’t know how many of our supporters or readers of this blog are in a position to build a house or hire an architect these days but trying to drum up some business for them in trade for everything they’re giving us is the very least we can do.  They specialize in energy-efficient and sustainable design, they consistently turn out amazing ideas and are obviously just good people – support them.

Send them your business, or your friends’ business, or even just your friends.  They are awesome.

* Not the official tag line of Shelter Architecture…but it could be.  I also lobbied for “We build your house from the ground up…because the other way is impossible”