Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions?

There are no age requirements for shows, kids are always welcome.  Show content is likely to be a strong PG-13 on any given night or show unless it is otherwise promoted as a kids/family show. We don’t strive to be offensive but you’re likely to hear some language and some adult themes ranging from PG-13 to R rated.

Do I need to purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, we strongly recommend you purchase tickets in advance. Advance purchase saves you some money, guarantees you’ll have a seat if the show sells out, and, if there’s a line at the door, your advance purchase will get you through a bit faster.

How do I avoid online ticket fees?

Good news! We discount online tickets to offset the fees. This means you’ll save a few cents by purchasing your tickets online in advance rather than buying your ticket at the door. It will also guarantee your seat, which is great because shows do sell out.

Can I reserve tickets over the phone?

We do not offer phone reservations or ticket sales. All our tickets are available online or can be purchased in person during box office hours, which are one hour before showtime.

What time should I arrive?

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early so you can find seats with your party, as all seats are General Admission. The box office opens one hour before showtime. The doors to the theater and bar open approximately 30 minutes before showtime.

What about refunds?

Like most theaters, HUGE does not offer refunds for unused tickets or classes. In case bad weather prevents you from attending, contact the box office as soon as possible and no later than the following day. We’ll do our best to make alternative arrangements, excluding a refund.

Do you sell group tickets? Also, since it’s general admission, can my group be seated together?

We do not offer group ticket discounts on top of our already-low ticket prices. However, we can make special seating arrangements for groups of 15 or more. Contact info@hugetheater.com to request group seating.

What’s the food and drink situation?

Our bar serves wine, cider, hard seltzer, and a wide selection of craft beers. For purchase in the lobby, we offer La Croix and a variety of Blue Sky sodas, as well as fair trade chocolate bars. For more substantial eats, you’re in luck: we’re surrounded by fantastic LynLake restaurants.

Where can I park?

Parking is available in the lot adjacent to the theater and in our remote lot as well! The remote lot is across the alley from the theater, just a couple doors North – there is a sign that reads “HUGE Parking”

Can you pull my friend, birthday-boy/girl or bachelorette on stage and embarrass them or put their name in the show?

Our shows are full-length productions that do not have a natural place to interject a private celebration, but we recommend visiting our friends at ComedySportz –(612) 870-1230, they can accommodate you.

What about biking?

We love cyclists!

HUGE sponsors the meter racks in front of the theater in addition to the municipal bike racks and if you bike to HUGE you’re welcome to have a free sparkling water or soda on us!

Are you going to kick me out if I’m a jerk?

Long answer: HUGE Improv Theater (HUGE) reserves the right to remove and subsequently refuse access or service to any person who: a) either cannot or will not follow instructions from staff, or b) causes significant disruption to the function of the business. Our definition of disruption to the business includes: disrespectful or dangerous treatment  of another person at HUGE (including audience and staff), actions that endanger or damage the physical property of HUGE, and any illegal activity. Our definition of staff includes: improv teachers, box officers, bartenders, house managers, board members, management, and any other person employed or contracted by HUGE.  We can at any time refuse to enroll or to remove anyone from classes, jams or other HUGE events or programming for any reason.

Short answer: Don’t be a jerk.

I’m a performer, how can I get involved?

We have a special website just for you:  performers.hugetheater.com

I would like to work or volunteer at HUGE, who do I contact?

Great question! It depends on the role.

I have a question that isn’t answered here, what I should I do?

Send an email to info@hugetheater.com – you will get a lovely response, we promise!