Teen Improv Staff

Seniz Yargici LennesSeniz Yargici Lennes – Director, Teen Programs

Seniz has been involved/in-love with improv for over 15 years. She has designed and implemented arts curriculum based around improvisational theater for youth in Minnesota and New York and has worked with organizations such as The Science Museum of MN, Youth Frontiers Inc, Pillsbury House + Theater, as well as Urban Arts Partnership and The Leadership Program in NYC. After almost exclusively teaching improv for 12 years and only performing scripted work in that time, Seniz revisited her love of performing improv in 2011. Since then, she has played in such HUGE productions as Throwback Night with Close Quarters, The Eventé, Family Dinner/Family Funeral, Pigmeat: an improvised Twilight Zone, and No Holds Bard: Improvised Shakespeare. She continues as one of the hosts for Thursday night Space Jam, an all-levels improv jam at HUGE. Seniz is currently leading efforts to source and build a Twin Cities Adventure Playground, where kids can play and build for lifelong learning, and regularly facilitates parenting workshops around the Twin Cities exploring Playful Perspectives in Family Life. She also sings crazy harmonies in the local rock band, School for Girls.


Damian JohnsonDamian Johnson – Teacher, After School Programs

Damian Johnson has been practicing and performing improv since 1999. He teaches improvisation Brave New Workshop and The Children’s Theater Company. He is a performer at Comedy Sportz, and his shows at HUGE Theater include the Adventures of Tim, Troy and Damian, Survivors of the Undead Plague, No Holds Bard: Improvised Shakespeare, and the Theater of Public Policy. When he does scripted theater he mostly performs in weird ensemble-based things, like the Live Action Set’s Ivy Award-winning 7-Shot Symphony or educational stuff like the hourly shows at the Science Museum of Minnesota. He is also a writer for stage, internet and straight-to-DVD.

Blake WangerBlake Wanger – Teacher

Hi, I’m Blake Wanger andI love love love improv! I have been performing since 2001 and teaching since 2010. I trained at amazing places like the Brave New Workshop, ComedySportz, HUGE Theater and others. I currently teach the teen programs at HUGE Theater and own a business called Spontaneous Education which brings improv into classrooms. I also perform with some great groups like Last Action Movie and Those Meddling Kids. I am a licensed teacher and I love working with kids of all ages, especially when the subject is improv! I also enjoy singing barbershop harmony, building things with Legos, giving tours of haunted caves, and tripping over things.