HUGE Teen Improv Classes are designed to move participants toward long-form improvisational theater performance while taking significant steps toward personal growth. We playfully focus on ensemble work, listening and communication skills, encouraging mental dexterity, as well as vocal and physical presence on stage. From fundamentals of improv to advanced scene-work, the HUGE Teen Program works toward confidence on stage and off and is suitable for newer and experienced students.

Our teen program instructors provide fun and friendly guidance while applying their practical knowledge as working professionals with years of experience performing long-form improv at HUGE and beyond.

Come play!


We’re back at it! HUGE Teens Summer Camp is a fun and friendly five day camp designed for Beginner and Advanced students alike. For one week in July, we’ll be absorbed in the fun of improvisational performance while benefiting from the instruction of adult professionals in the community.

MORNINGS will be geared toward moving participants toward long-form improv performance. We’ll be practicing the basics: playfulness, scene work, trust, teamwork, and give and take.

AFTERNOONS will be specialized workshops lead by a different guest teacher every day. Afternoons will be filled with exploring characters, relationships, following the unknown, space work and learning different improv forms.

Each camp will end with a public showcase on Friday!

Dates for 2017 HUGE Teen Summer Camp:
July 10-14th OR July 17-21st

MORNINGS: 9am – 12pm, Monday-Friday
Basics of Improv

AFTERNOONS: 1-4pm, Monday-Friday
Specialized workshops with Special Guest instructors

ALL DAY: 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday
You get it all!


Scholarships may be available, please apply on the registration form.

Sibling discount 10%


“Our biggest struggle as educators of at-risk teens is to give them a feeling of safety that allows for honest expression.   I was overwhelmed in the best way possible. 
Students that have flat-out refused to engage and participate were actively engaged and visibly enjoying it.  I want every single student to see the value in performance art.” – C.E.

We are proud to offer in-school residencies and customized workshops for high-school students throughout Minnesota.

During our residencies, students come together to practice creative problem-solving, teamwork, self-advocacy, flexibility, communication and clarity. They work toward confidence on stage, and off, and learn how to negotiate between playfulness and responsibility while exploring their artistic inclination.

At HUGE, we are dedicated to our educational programs and provide the highest quality improv training available to high-school students. Our program staff are working professional  improvisors as well as experienced teen educators. With a keen focus on providing high quality improv training, our teachers are equally interested in the success of our students in and out of the classroom.

We offer residency programs that are customized to meet the needs of students and the school.

For more information: TEENS@HUGETHEATER.COM