Special Topics and Pods

Here are some very special classe coming up!  All HUGE Theater workshops are for ages 18+. Scholarships are available, please write to workshops@hugetheater.com

HUGE POC Beginner Intensive – December 1st & 2nd
We wanted to have a POC only 101 intensive for many reasons. The big one is that we wanted people of color to feel comfortable in a space learning an art form that can be scary. Stating it again to be clear, this intensive is for People of Color ONLY please. There is no charge for this POC only class. Not only that, but we  will PAY YOU to be here. Seriously. 

Blackouts, Fadeouts and Finding the Rhythm – December 2, 3pm-5pm $20
David Lipkin and Jill Bernard will lead you through exercises and scenes to make you a great partner for the technician in the booth to give the best effect for the audience. Your set is, metaphorically speaking, a sentence, and the blackout is the punctuation.

You will learn to vary the tempo of your scenes and lead to a solid scenic ending to stick the landing on your set.

Studio Master Class with M Ritchie – Mondays 1/7-3/4, 5:30-7:30pm
This class will focus on how you can stretch yourself as an artist
through work you do in the classroom, in rehearsals, in the audience,
and through solo work on your own. We will use improv exercises and
scenework along with individualized instructor feedback to help you
stretch yourself as an artist in the unscripted theatre.