Special Topics and Pods

Here are some very special classes coming up!  All HUGE Theater workshops are for ages 18+. Scholarships are available, please fill out the form here
(Is the class you want full? Sign up for the waitlist here. )

International Workshop & Show: “A Gift of Improv” With Cindy – Tues 8/13, 2:30-6:30pm & 8pm Show

Cindy specializes in mindful improv which is all about being right here, right now, connected to yourself, to your fellow improvisers and the shared temporary reality between you and the audience. With bodywork and emotional play, brain insights and pure fun she knows how to help you connect and focus. Let go of the plans and plots. Just trust that the story is already there, right now, waiting to be recognized and told!

After your class, show off your new skills by performing with your workshop group in a 1 hour show at 8pm!

Short on time?
ONE HOUR IMPROV – First Friday of Every Month
Research shows that improv training helps access spontaneity and build confidence. This one-time Friday evening course is a quick-hit to give you some bare-bones basics to shake off your fears and bring joy to your life. This course is intended for absolute beginners, no experience necessary.