Special Topics and Pods

Here are some very special classes coming up!  All HUGE Theater workshops are for ages 18+. Scholarships are available, please fill out the form here

Studio Master Class with M Ritchie – Mondays 4/1-5/20, 5:30-7:30pm
This class will focus on how you can stretch yourself as an artist
through work you do in the classroom, in rehearsals, in the audience,
and through solo work on your own. We will use improv exercises and
scenework along with individualized instructor feedback to help you
stretch yourself as an artist in the unscripted theatre.

Making Magic with Movement with Justin Betancourt – Saturday 4/6, Noon-2pm
Whether it’s bringing an animal to life onstage or simply moving a chair, movement and physicality can add magic to any scene. In this workshop we’ll explore physicality and movement in improv to help you step up your movement game. This workshop is for all levels of experience and is open to all.

The Doorway to Story: A Narrative Workshop with Joe Rapp – 4/13, 11am-2pm
We’ve all heard and told stories over the course of our lives. This workshop will help you unlock a deeper understanding of what makes a great narrative. You’ll learn to dive into deeper depths of character, create rich storylines and recognize points of interest and objectives to launch your story through beginning, middle and end. Understanding narrative helps those regularly performing complete narrative structures and those just wanting to increase the power of their scene work.

Short on time?
ONE HOUR IMPROV – First Friday of Every Month
Research shows that improv training helps access spontaneity and build confidence. This one-time Friday evening course is a quick-hit to give you some bare-bones basics to shake off your fears and bring joy to your life. This course is intended for absolute beginners, no experience necessary.