Women/Queer/Femme improv

We love our Brothers in Improv, but let’s face it–they’ve been trained from birth to take up space in a way that Trans, Femme, Gender Non-Binary, and Women folks haven’t. Imagine what’s possible when the rest of us get to play, without competing for space.

We offer two levels of classes for students who would feel more comfortable in a classroom space reserved for women, femme, queer and gender non-binary students, offering you the opportunity to play in a space that is both safe and challenging, in a community where your identity is honored without question. Whether you’re a veteran or brand new to improv, this class will allow you to explore yourself and your craft in a new and adventurous way.. Students must be older than 18. The beginner level is 10 weeks, $140, the intermediate level is 4 weeks, $100.

Do you need a Payment Plan? Enter the word Plan as a coupon when you check out. You’ll be able to pay in installments once class starts. It is not a drop-in class, you will be responsible for the whole tuition.

Do you need a scholarship? Apply here.

Beginner level will open for registration October 1st.

Advanced classes will open for registration November 20th.