401 Ensemble Building and Pods

 401 Ensemble Building

The early stages of improv instruction focus on developing individual skills. As your skills and practice time increase, so do your opportunities to play as part of a team – whether that’s a practice group, a cast show, or in an ensemble.

This 401 class helps you make the transition from individual scenework-based instruction to skill development within the context of a group. In addition to advancing performance skills, this course covers the nuts and bolts of building groups, developing forms, and giving/receiving constructive notes.

Note: This class is designed to help each student develop useful skills for any group they are in, present or future. The class itself is not a performance ensemble.

Prerequisite: Completion of 301 at HUGE Theater, or instructor permission. Students must be older than 18. 10 weeks. $220+$20 non-refundable deposit.

Do you need a Payment Plan? Enter the word PLAN as a coupon when you check out and you’ll be charged only the $20 deposit. You’ll be able to pay the remaining $220 tuition in installments of $20 or $50 once class starts. It is not a drop-in class, you will be responsible for the whole tuition.  If you are interested in a scholarship, please fill out the form here.

**Be sure to click outside the text box after typing “PLAN”. You should see green text saying, “$220 off” before clicking “BOOK NOW”.

Registration will open March 15th – see the planned schedule below and adjust your life accordingly. When 401 classes open, please see description for class location as none of them will take place at HUGE.

401 Ensemble Building – Sundays 10am-12pm, 7/5-9/6
401 Ensemble Building – Sundays 4pm-6pm, 7/5-9/6
401 Ensemble Building – Thursdays 6pm-8pm, 7/2-9/3

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