401 Ensemble Building and Pods


 401 Ensemble Building

You have been studying improv for over seven months, minimum. At this point in your development, it’s entirely possible that you’re starting to join ensembles, be cast in shows, and form teams or practice groups.

At this point in development there are tools we can give you to make this transition from individual to team member more successful. Some ideas we will introduce:

Week 1: Your Strengths as an Individual & Ensemble Member
Week 2: Second Beats/Reacting
Week 3: Ideation & Themes
Week 4: Using Edits to Build Forms
Week 5: Giving and Receiving Notes
Week 6: Forming a Group
Week 7: A Brief Introduction to Narrative
Week 8: Problem Solving Common Improv Hangups
Week 9: Group Chemistry
Week 10: Free Form Improv

This syllabus is flexible and may change based on the needs of the students and teacher.

There will be an overall focus on increasing your toolkit as an improvisor. Prerequisite: Level 301 at HUGE Theater, Brave New Workshop, or another reputable longform theater. Students must be older than 18.

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401 HUGE Ensemble Building – Sundays 10am-12pm 1/14-3/18

401 HUGE Ensemble Building – Sundays 1pm-3pm 1/14-3/18

401 HUGE Ensemble Building – Thursdays 6-8PM 1/18-3/22

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