Level 101 Classes

This is where you start your journey.  This workshop covers introductory improvisational comedy skills: trust, agreement, give and take, and basic scenes with fun guidance.  No experience required, you’re perfectly prepared for this.  Students must be older than 18. 10 weeks. $220+$20 non-refundable deposit.

Do you need a Payment Plan?  Enter the word PLAN as a coupon when you check out and you’ll be charged only a $20 deposit. You’ll be able to pay in installments of $20 or $50 once class starts. It is not a drop-in class, you will be responsible for the whole tuition.  If you are interested in a scholarship, please fill out the form here.

**Be sure to click outside the text box after typing “PLAN”. You should see green text saying, “$220 off” before clicking “BOOK NOW”.

Registration for Spring 101s will open January 21st – see possible sections below and plan accordingly.

101 HUGE Improv Basics – Sundays 10am-12pm, 4/5-6/14 skipping Easter
101 HUGE Improv Basics – Sundays 4pm-6pm, 4/5-6/14 skipping Easter
101 HUGE Improv Basics – Tuesdays 7pm-9pm, 4/7-6/9
101 HUGE Improv Basics – Thursdays 6pm-8pm, 4/9-6/11

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Time limited or prefer a fast blast of class? Take a look at these alternatives below:

Short on time?
ONE HOUR IMPROV – First Friday of Every Month
Research shows that improv training helps access spontaneity and build confidence. This one-time Friday evening course is a quick-hit to give you some bare-bones basics to shake off your fears and bring joy to your life. This course is intended for absolute beginners, no experience necessary.

Please click here to register for our Women/Femme/Non-Binary/Gender Queer classes, levels vary by semester.