The Life Robotic

| $8

THE LIFE ROBOTIC  features a lovable robot trying its best to live a normal human life. You must help it succeed– the only lines of dialogue the robot can say are what the audience texts in on their phones throughout the show.  Hilarity ensues as your texts get brought to life in real-time.

Throughout the show, you are the robot’s programmers and are fully in control of EVERYTHING it says. Help it as it navigates everyday human life, whether it be family drama at home or problems at work. It’s up to you to teach the robot what it means to be human (or just try to get it to say whatever funny things you can think of).

Starring Nora Coyle, Erin Kennedy, Emily Lindholm, Michael Rogers, Drew Tenenbaum, Anna Tobin, and Duck Washington. Directed by John Hilsen and assistant director Shelby Schroeder.

Photo Credit: Tou Yia Xiong