Interludes w special guest Bollyprov

| $8

First: Bollyprov – BollyProv is a Bollywood-inspired improv group that debuted at Improvathon 2016. The team that consists of Kya Fischer, Madhu Bangalore, and Divya Maiya will be bringing a flavor of Bollywood movies to improv. Like any Bollywood movie, there will be unnecessary drama, cheesy romance and a lot of laughter. All three are active parts of Bollywood Dance Scene, a local non-profit organization that promotes cultural diversity through dance.

Then: Interludes – There’s a difference sometimes between what someone says and what someone truly thinks. In this show, improvisers will be interpreting what’s going on inside someone’s brain through abstract “interlude” segments where the players dive into the psyche and the world building of the scene. When the “interlude” ends, you know more about what the characters are really thinking and what their situation is. Interludes explores the tiny minutiae of the moments between breaths with sound, movement, and interlogues.