Workshops To Go

Not all of our workshops are for performers: improv skills are useful in all disciplines.  We offer two basic workshops, and an infinite number of custom workshops.

In our FIREBALL THEORY: HUGE IDEAS ON DEMAND workshop, we can train you to think faster and harder than you can judge yourself.  Whenever we find ourselves at the beginning of an endeavor, we’re filled with self-doubt and judgement.

Using theater games and scenarios, we’ll replace the voice in your head that says, “It’ll never work” with a voice that says, “Yee haw!”  In our IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY: WORKING BETTER THROUGH PLAY workshop, participants will learn the joy and success that follows doing exactly what tickles them.  Too often a work day is a tedious chore, filled with rough decisions and good and bad choices.  A disgruntled employee will waste 15 minutes of every hour.  If having fun for five minutes a day keeps your employees happy, 400 minutes are saved in a week, and retention improves in the long-term.  Studies show employees work better together when they know each other — loosening up and having fun creates a spirit of intimacy without all the personal details and HR risks.  This workshop will use theater games and scenarios to teach you and your team to play together so you can work together more effectively.

Jill Bernard is the Director of the program and the primary instructor.  She began teaching improv in 1997, and has since taught in over 30 states, two continents, and on an episode of MTV Made.  Contact for prices and details.

HUGE Theater Workshop at Camp Courage, May 2009Walrus taught a workshop for Americorps, June 2011HUGE Theater professional development improv workshop for Springboard for the Arts, May 2011