HUGE Theater has classes for students at all levels!
Recommended by 365 Twin Cities MN - You can travel through all four levels here at HUGE, or, because our classes compliment other training programs in town, your experience at other training centers qualifies you for commensurate levels here.

Classes at HUGE are designed to help improv students take it to the next level. Your instructors are working professionals with vast experience performing long-form improv. These classes are two hours a week, for ten weeks, with a focus on individual student needs and skill-building.

Payment plans and scholarships available, express interest on the registration form.

Please email with questions.

Student evaluations of our teachers include the adjectives “wonderful” “fantastic” “excellent” “awesome” “life-changing” “amazing,” and the quotes, “Respect shown by the teachers to students is front and center” and “The best teacher I have ever taken anything from.”


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101 (Here's where to start)

HUGE Basics (101)

This is where you start your journey.  This workshop covers introductory improvisational comedy skills: trust, agreement, give and take, and basic scenes with fun guidance.  No experience required, you’re perfectly prepared for this.

  • Sundays 10AM-12PM – January 11-March 15

  • Sundays 1PM-3PM – January 11-March 15
  • Tuesdays 7PM-9PM – January 13-March 27


201 (Characters) & 301 (Scenework)

HUGE Characters (201)

In this workshop we’ll learn to create characters using Voice, Attitude or Posture, and Animal, Prop or Obsession to build instant characters. We’ll also cover patterns, games, and basic edits as tools for scenework. Prerequisite: at least one improv class at any improv theater, or instructor permission.

  • Sundays 10AM-12PM – January 11-March 15
  • Tuesdays 7PM-9PM – January 13-March 17
  • Thursdays 6:45PM-8:45PM – January 15-March 19

10 Weeks, $200

HUGE Scenework (301)

This course will cover group scenes, split scenes, other basic and non-basic edits to up your game. Will also include personal diagnostics. Prerequisite: at least two improv classes at any improv theater, or instructor permission.


  • Sundays 1PM-3PM – January 11-March 15
  • Thursdays 6:45PM-8:45PM – 15-March 19

10 Weeks, $200


401 and beyond

HUGE 401 Forms

This class is a survey of some traditional long forms, and an introduction to creating your own long form. Prerequisite for 401: at least two improv classes at any improv theater, or instructor permission (contact


  • Sundays 10AM-12PM – January 11-March 15
  • Wednesdays 6PM-8PM – January 14-March 18

10 Weeks, $200


HUGE 402 More Forms/Adventures With Michael

If there is enough interest, we will offer a session of HUGE 402 MORE FORMS or ADVENTURES WITH MICHAEL. Let us know by filling out the registration form and picking the class you’d like. Here are the descriptions of those classes:

HUGE 402 MORE FORMS: This class is a continuation of the 401 adventure, delving deeper into some traditional long forms, and creating your own long forms. Prerequisite is 401, or instructor permission (contact 10 weeks, $200

ADVENTURES WITH MICHAEL: Michael Ritchie has been working as an actor and improviser since 1991, and has performed with numerous troupes in the Twin Cities including Splendid Things, The Bad MammaJammas, Ka-Baam!!, and Family Dinner: The Improvised Thanksgiving Feast. He has trained at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in New York City, and has taught acting and improv classes at several places throughout this great country including Florida State University, ComedySportz Twin Cities, and The University of Wisconsin – Madison.  His brain is an amazing place, we would like to offer students an opportunity to travel inside it, and learn to think about improv the way he does, follow the passions that lead to mastery. Includes improv diagnostics to make you the best improvisor you can be. Class size limited to 12 people. 10 weeks, $200

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Wednesday Drop-In Class

Wednesday Drop-In Class

Wednesdays, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

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Every Wednesday 5-7PM, $10 suggested donation, free for members.

An ongoing investigation of improvisational scenework with local instructors, open to all experience levels.   No registration required, just drop in!  One  student writes: ” I am just so darn grateful for the chance to learn from these experienced improvisers.  These classes are a gold mine for me.  Here I get the chance to practice with improvisers of all levels…. So valuable.”

Upcoming Schedule
October 1 Sophie Brossard “Improvising A Play”
October 8 Dane Stauffer “Breaking Bad…Habits”
October 15 Blake Wanger “Escape From Your Brain”
October 22 Francisco Benavides “Physicality”
October 29 Danny Sussman “I get so emotional: using emotion to drive your characters”
November 5 Madde Gibba “Musical Improv”
November 12 Sarah McPeck “Making Strong Connections”
November 19 Jill Bernard “Stage Picture”
November 26 Liv Augusta “Creating Believable Family Relationships”

(ongoing class, schedule TBA)


Tuition: $10 a week, pay as you go