AUDITION NOTICE: Creature Feature & Ka-Baam!!

We are holding JOINT audition times for two shows coming to HUGE this Fall: Creature Feature and Ka-Baam!

YES – you may absolutely audition for both of the shows listed!

We will collect responses and send audition schedules as quickly as possible – rehearsal and performance schedules are listed below

KaBaam!! the improvised comic book:  
director: MJ Marsh
assistant director: Emily Lindholm

Creature Feature
director: Meghan Wolff
assistant director: TBA

The Details

AUDITION TIMES will be scheduled:
Saturday 6/9 – 10am-6pm
Monday 6/11 – 4pm-7:30pm
Callbacks will be held Friday 6/15 and Saturday 6/17 from 5pm-7pm if needed to see more of your skills.

Creature Feature – Sept/Oct on Fridays at 8pm
KaBaam!! – Sept/Oct on Saturdays at 8pm

Please check to make sure you are able to make the scheduled rehearsal times for the show(s) you would like to audition for – rehearsals will run 8-10 weeks, cast are expected to miss no more than 2 rehearsals.

Creature Feature – Thursdays 7-9pm

Ka-Baam!! – Sundays 6-9pm


If you have any questions about auditions or casting – please email


2018 Hangout Auction Winners

Thank you again the incredible members of the Twin Cities improv community for putting together another amazing Hangout Auction to support our weird little home!

The Hangout Auction Winners:

– Play and drink with outOFcontext!  ::  Craig Corsi
– Dog walking with Kristen Ragnacci!  ::  Jill Bernard
– Learn woodworking with Chad Anderson!  ::  Natalie Little
– Dinner with your parents…and John Gebretatose!  ::  Bree Dalager
– Photos with Adam Iverson!  ::  Andy Christian
– Lunch with Ship Scavengers!  ::  Sean Dillon
– Your own episode of Next at Bat!  ::  Eric Heiberg
Hangout for the Anxious Introvert with Katy Kessler!  ::  Erik Ostrom
– Be the Dally with DillyDallHaus!  ::  Craig Corsi
– Personal Record Store Day with Ian Fish Man!   ::   Michael Fotis
– Be a guest on the Food Scientists Podcast!  ::  Sandra CarterSmith
– Hug David Lipkin!  ::  Bree Dalager
– Cross Stitch and Bad Movies with Squash Banana!  ::  Ariel Lopez
– Dinner with Robin Gillette!  ::  Heather Meyer
– Cody Narrates the Audience in Song Takes You to The Biggest Ball of Twine in MN!  ::  Erin Kennedy
– National Day of Improv with Nathan Kelly!  ::  Bryan Pierce
– Mini Golf, Art and Ice Cream with Two, Too (in Tutus too?)!  ::  Heather Baldwin
– Lift Weights with Hannah Wydeven!  ::  Jill Bernard
– Duo with Jill Bernard – LOCAL BIDS ONLY!  ::  Amy Zajack
– Duo with Jill Bernard – OUT-OF-TOWN BIDS ONLY!  ::  Eric Caldwell
– Pastry Tasting with Shea!  ::  Michael Hanson
– Custom Puzzle Room with Craig Corsi (1 of 2: Cooking Theme)!  ::  Bree Dalager
– Custom Puzzle Room with Craig Corsi (2 of 2: Technology Theme)!  ::  Heather Baldwin
– Dune board game day with Adam and Mookie!  ::  Breanna Cecile
– Dune on LASERDISC with Colossal Park!  ::  Andy Christian
– Get puzzled with Jesters Comedy Improv!  ::  Danny Sussman
– An evening of karaoke with Lounge Lizzy!  ::  Mary Wright
– Watch Bryce watch Rita watch Twisted!  ::  Jacob Scott
– Classic video game day with Bryce Kalal!  ::  Michael Deneen
– Loiter with jorts!  ::  Breanna Cecile
– Legos at the Science Museum with Subatomic Duck!  ::  Mary Wright
– Dinner and a Play with Heather Baldwin!  ::  Amy Burge
– HUGE Golden Ticket!  ::  Kristin Turnblom
– HUGE Golden Ticket!  ::  Ariel Lopez
– HUGE Golden Ticket!  ::  Afton Benson
– Food from India and movie night with BollyProv!  ::  Eric Heiberg
– Thrift shopping with Bree!  ::  Christopher Harrington
– Fiasco with the Frogs!  ::  Christopher Harrington
– Duo with DallaValle!  ::  John Bickford
– Second Breakfast with Second Breakfast!  ::  Danny Sussman
– Board Games with Jeff and Abe!  ::  Christopher Harrington

Thanks to everyone who fought and clawed and won – the Hangout Auction raised a grand total of $4296.40 to support HUGE Theater !


Class cancellation for Sunday 4/15

ATTENTION SUNDAY STUDENTS – We are cancelling all Sunday 4/15 classes and rescheduling for 6/17. Thank you for your understanding.

Your homework assignment for today is to do an improv scene with a snowperson….

Audition Schedule: Small College Town

April 14th

12:30 – 1:00 1:00 – 1:30 1:30 – 2:00 2:00 – 2:30 2:30 – 3:00
Joseph McGowan Michael Renner John Bickford Brianna Kocka Kelsey Dilts McGregor
Nikhil Enugula Sarah Busch Courtney Miller Brooke Fanning Ryan Klima
Kayleen Barlow Anna Marie Schmidt Mara Klocksien Emily Townswick Lars Midthun
Janay D. Henry Phil Schramm Marty Wessels Laura Hild Amelia Helm
Ryan Sanderson Andy Christian Monique Dargis Jack Rybarczyk Rebecca Patterson
James Satter Travis Galloway Pamela Mazzone Michael Aultman Shelby Schroeder
Christian Unser Vicky Nierengarten Ben Wagner Kya Fischer Siri Hellerman
Kim Lambert Edd Jones Lilly Rotter Laura Berger Valerie Hurst
Madhu Bangalore Ryan Blix Linda Saetre Michael Deneen

April 21st

12:30 – 1:00 1:00 – 1:30 1:30 – 2:00 2:00 – 2:30 2:30 – 3:00
Joseph Facente Will Schroeder Alicia Eler Cherelle-Renee Childs Ava Bird
Gabby Vanden Avond Ariel Starzinski Julietta Benson Danielle Heinert Matt Tatone
Erik Hoversten Brad Krieger Mike Koscielny Max Beyer Jack Kelly
Issabelle Allen Brid Henry Ally Rae Max Besner Jenny Wahl
Jeffrey Ross Amanda Schille Amee Nefzger Banks Peter Centner Kyle Dekker
Jesse David Burrows Chris Ragnacci Adam M Mellerup Tommy Feichtinger Sabrina Diehl
Justin Betancourt Cicely Robin Laing Dan Schwartz Tommy Caravello Vanessa Tu
Kristen Marks Cody Madison Eric Geistfeld Amy Zajack Vann Daley
Ernest Olhead Mike McCarron Erica Solomon Hope Slusar Joey Hamburger


– Last day for audition sign ups is April 5th
– Audition dates will be sent on April 8th

The producer has the right to end sign ups early if audition size reaches a
maximum point but will work to see as many people as possible

Small College Town is holding auditions for its run at HUGE Theater on Fridays
at 8:00pm in July and August.

Small College Town is an improv show inspired by the classic forms of Spoon
River and Small Town. By adding a fun, collegiate twist to it, the show will follow
four people who will go through the college experience, from application to
graduation. In tandem with four players who will play everyone else. A new and
unique college town and experience will be created every night. Structure and
fun will allow the cast to dive deep into a big life change with all the twists and
turns that college brings, up until that last day.


Show run:  Fridays at 8:00pm, July/August at HUGE Theater
Auditions will take place at HUGE Theater in half-hour slots on the following
–  Saturday April 14th – 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
–  Saturday, April 21st, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

*** Please arrive early to fill out audition form and conflict sheets. No headshot or
resume will be needed.
To schedule an audition please fill out this FORM

Rehearsal dates and times:
May 5th, 12th 19th, 26th, June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
11:00 am to 1:00 pm

May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, July 2nd
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

At the audition, you will be asked to notate conflicts that you have with any of the
rehearsal dates. It is possible to miss a few rehearsals however availability will
be factored into the casting decisions. If you have any questions regarding this,
please email

Rehearsals will be at HUGE Theaters and other rehearsal spaces and where
rehearsals are located will be communicated to performers in a timely fashion.
At least 50% of the cast will be comprised of people who have not been
cast for Wednesday or Friday/Saturday shows that have been at HUGE. If
you are early in your improv career, this would be a great project to audition for.
If you have any questions, please email Denzel Belin at

This project is celebration of a classic form with a new twist. We shall learn from
the past and each other to create a fun and engaging team and performance.
At auditions, please bring a strong sense of play, support, and creativity.
Having familiarity with the college experience is not required; this show will
celebrate everyone’s experiences and what they can bring to the table.

Small College Town will be produced and directed by Denzel Belin and assistant
directed by Mawrgyn Roper.


The last Sunday of every month from 4-7pm

Improv is for everybody. In an effort to get more people of color aware and interested, HUGE Theater’s diversity officer John Gebretatose is hosting a POC improv jam. This is an opportunity to meet new people, to create, to play together and to help start a new era where people of color are represented more on stage.

All ages and free of charge, sandwiches provided.
Please come as you are, that’s more than enough.

Includes an introductory workshop on improv followed by some scenes on stage – participation is optional.
The POC improv jam is a relaxed and non intimidating event.

Why is this event for POC only? Since it’s about having representation it makes sense to have a space where people can feel they’re important and deserve to be in the room. The value to having a non white POC jam uplifts marginalized groups. Also, there’s other events for that. A lot of them.

Got questions? No problem, email John Gebretatose at or visit the Facebook group.

Intersections and Intentions

To HUGE Theater audiences, supporters, performers and community:  

If you don’t already know, get ready to know – at HUGE we’re devoted to diversity and inclusion. It’s a goal and a process. Along the way, we’re fully aware and ready to admit that we have made mistakes in the past and it’s very likely we’re going to make some more mistakes in the future.

The following is not the story of blaming or admonishing one production for mistakes that were made, it’s an account of some recent mistakes and lessons learned as we work to recognize our blind spots before we veer into them next time.

[ BEFORE WE START :   Four white people wrote this.
For readers of color, these learnings will likely be obvious to you. We recognize the place of privilege from which this note is written. We sought advice from our colleague of color (diversity and inclusion director John Gebretatose) to help us see around our blinders.

We recognize that what we’ve learned has come at the cost of a lot of emotional labor from our colleagues and performers of color – we want to make sure that effort reaches more people so we can all do better in the future.   Thank you, again and always, for your patience with us while we get there.

We are writing to a mostly to a white audience of improv producers and directors.  Our goal is to help us all do better recognizing our privilege and create more inclusive spaces.
If you’re thinking you don’t need to think about this, please know that’s the first sign of trouble.]

Ready? Here we go.

The Events

  • Issues arose during the rehearsal and production process of a show called Party Riot
  • Party Riot is an independent production, supported by HUGE Theater, as are more than sixty percent of our weekend shows.
  • The show was created with the goal of empowering and supporting female-identified and non-binary artists, and the shows producers made intentional efforts to cast a diverse group overall, including four women of color in a cast of 23 people
  • The leadership team of Party Riot as well as HUGE Theater are almost entirely white.
  • Over the course of rehearsals, concerns were raised by women of color about their experience and communication difficulties.
  • The original show promotion artwork design featured an abstracted image of a woman of color as the only human image representing the show featuring a small (but still greater than any other previous show) number of women of color – when paired with the title created a negative connotation.
  • The original artwork was scrapped when concerns were voiced – it was never used – HUGE Theater leadership also failed to flag the design it when it was sent to us.
  • The production team of Party Riot held several meetings to involve the entire cast, listen to concerns and repair the process moving forward – new artwork was created for the show that featured photos of actual cast members that emphasize the positive aspects of the show’s original intent.
  • HUGE Leadership met with show leadership to improve communication.We also contacted the Party Riot cast directly via email to make sure they know we’re aware that we could have done better from the beginning and make ourselves more directly available going forward.
  • We also let the cast and production team know that this public post would be coming – it is a hard lesson, and we know more producers can learn from it.
  • The Party Riot leadership team and cast continue to work together – The show opened at the beginning of January to a packed house and brought. the. house. down.


The Problems

Here are some things we as an organization learned from this experience about being effective (and sometimes failing) in meeting the challenges of creating a space that truly supports – in addition to valuing and encouraging – diversity and inclusion.

Specifically, our mistakes as HUGE Improv Theater were:

  • Not understanding the limits of good intentions without immediately providing support and infrastructure for change.
  • Not anticipating or recognizing that “safe space” is not the same for all performers, and needs to be defined so that people of color feel equally celebrated and supported.
  • Not recognizing and flagging a combination of image and title that showed an icon of a person of color only, paired with blindness to social and cultural issues of race in relationship to show title.
  • Overall, the need for greatly heightened transparency and care – as well as being more visibly available to our independent producers and casts as well as shows directly produced by HUGE.
    Support mechanisms need to be more accessible to work better for everyone. In the future, when productions begin, the theater will ask for the contact information for the cast so we can give them logistics (show guidelines, comp instructions, etc.) as well as giving everyone a direct channel to reach us if they experience problems or have concerns.


The Positive

The simple fact that women of color felt they could bring these issues to our attention — and did so — is tremendous. We have to thank them for bravery atop of courage atop of trust atop of patience. Again. We are so very thankful you are here. Thank you for giving us another chance to do better. We will do better.

The fact that director of diversity and inclusion John Gebretatose works tirelessly to make himself available. He does this  both as a person that performers of color can reach out to at any time, and also to patiently sit down with the HUGE team and walk us through (some of) our blind spots. His dedication and endurance are such a gift to us all.

We recognize that there are communities that would have to put in years of work to reach the point where it would even be possible to make mistakes like these. We truly appreciate that people are willing to take risks and do the work, and we want to do whatever we can to make HUGE feel like home to everyone.

The fact that Party Riot is pushing forward and doing the work – before, during and after  mistakes were made. These mistakes happened because the show producers are trying to make this art form more inclusive – we all are.
The process is not simple or easy or painless but absolutely necessary.

We are pleased to say that Party Riot is running Saturday nights at 8pm at HUGE and they’ve done hard work to rally around and expand their mission. Please support these courageous improvisors.

We encourage you – now or at any time you’d like – to please share your thoughts, concerns, feelings. You can email any or all of us or please feel free to use our anonymous feedback form (link below)

We are open and we are working to do better.

Thank you for your time and patience.

The Board of HUGE Theater

Link to our feedback form :


Remembering Samantha

Today we’re remembering Samantha Pereira. Samantha was a HUGE teacher, performer, director who passed away in December 2015. If you never had the good fortune to meet her, you can read about her here in the Star Tribune.

It seems impossible that almost two years have gone by. At HUGE Theater, we feel Samantha’s absence powerfully, especially the first Sunday of every new class session or when we glance up at Samantha’s photo on our theater wall. One of our classrooms is dedicated to Samantha with a plaque we thought she’d find most fitting: The Improv Jedi Training Center.

This year HUGE Theater is making a donation to Puerto Rico hurricane relief in Samantha’s honor.

Improvathon Gubby & ErikLove for Samantha expresses itself in lots of ways. Her former students, Erik Nielsen and Gubby Kubik (pictured here, during Improvathon), have honored her for two years in a row by dedicating their Iron Audience participation to Samantha, who herself was an Iron Audience participant, which requires staying awake and watching 28-hours of improv as part of HUGE’s annual Improvathon fundraising event. Samantha is pictured on the left, in 2014. She not only completed 28-hours of watching improv, but was the group’s cheerleader and champion.

LivBoth Gubby and another former student, Liv Augusta Anderson — pictured here with her tattoo and class certificate inspiration — have gotten a tattoo inspired by Samantha. As Liv says, the tattoo has brought “a bit of Samantha to my arm. It doesn’t make me miss her any less, but it’s nice to literally put my heart on my sleeve.”


(As I type this, I realize that all three of these former students of Samantha have become improv teachers now. I can’t help but think Samantha would be proud.)

Samantha Pereira Scholars
Samantha had a special interest in making improv available to everyone. Each semester since her loss, we have named a Samantha Pereira Scholar: someone who is a scholarship recipient of exceptional merit. The following people are just the sort of students Samantha would have cherished.

Winter 2016 – Allison Dahlberg
Spring 2016 – William Sobolwski
Fall 2016 – Shauna Madison
Winter 2017 – Mawrgyn Roper
Spring 2017 – Jada Pulley
Fall 2017 – Mairead Koehler

Improvathon 17 Official Results and Winners

[ you always hope – you never know ] 

Beginning on Wednesday November 15th and running until just after midnight Thursday, November 16th – a 28 hour block of time lovingly known IMPROVATHON – HUGE Theater held our annual improv marathon to raise money on Give To The Max Day 2017.

This is a crucial day for HUGE Theater – it is a wonderful event that features not only 28 hours of performances but also an amazing chance to connect with the community as we all spend time in (or passing through) the same space and telling everyone we can collectively reach what this place and this art form mean to us.
Thanks are not enough to convey the love and joy that go into – and come out of –  these crazy hours, but I will give it a shot.

Our amazing Iron Audience were in the seats the entire time and there were more than a few surprises along the way – You really did have to be there.

[ the nights are dark – the money’s green ] 


Once again we thank Common Roots Catering and Steamship Coffee for all of the caffeinated liquid support they sent our way – there are few things as important to being awake and energetic and upright and on stage for 28 hours as caffeine. Please help us thank them!

commonrootscatering  website_header

[ shut your eyes and shudder at the laughter and the screams ] 


The Improvathon is more than a giant love-fest – it’s also a competitive love-fest!
The groups performing and Iron Audience watching are all fundraising to support HUGE and we are excited to announce that the fund-raising-est groups were:


The top Iron Audience fundraisers were:

2. ANONYMOUS (we know who you are)

Thank you to everyone that helped, volunteered, posted, tweeted, watched, ushered, cleaned, brewed more coffee, staffed the box office, took photos, performed and made us weep with joy.

[ hit the lights and shield your eyes ] 


If you aren’t familiar already, Give To the Max Day is THE fundraising day of the year for HUGE as it is a focused day of charitable giving across Minnesota made possible by GiveMN. This year GiveMN helped raise more than twenty million dollars for non-profits across our state!

HUGE focuses all our energy and efforts on this day – and this year we aimed even higher with a goal of $75,000 – which we did not hit but I am so proud that we went for – it was less than a decade ago when having a theater for improv was a crazy dream and asking people to give to this cause felt impossible.
But nobody has as much fun doing the impossible as we do.

The numbers are in from our box office and our official tally is $53,817  – which includes one “Golden Ticket” prize of $1,000 from GiveMN as well as an additional $4,000 for taking 2nd place in the Intermediate division (Gilda’s Club earned the top spot – what an amazing org to be on the leaderboard with!) along with 1107 online donations from ALL FIFTY STATES (and many provinces) as well as the in-person donations brought our GTMD total to…


[ on the fringes of the scene – still getting used to the dream ] 

The hard part…

Trying to get this post written is always challenging – it takes many days for our brains to start working and words to start having meaning again – but trying to wrap it up is just impossible. The screen gets all blurry and my keyboard keeps getting all wet.

Strange as it feels to keep moving these words forward, year after year – they are still true, forever and always – so I will keep repeating them:

“This place is important because of the people you will find here.
Some of the most generous, dedicated, wonderful, funny and talented people I have ever met in my life and it is my profound privilege to know.”

I am so proud to be part of this place.
A changing part of an ever-changing place, as I got to (finally) announce that this is my last Improvathon as the President of our Board of Directors – as of January 2018 the gavel is handed to the amazing Adia Morris-Swanger !

I am so proud of the work we do here and the difference it makes in between (as well as during) the times that we have to play together here – as a community that is maturing and growing and learning and sometimes leading the way for others in our art form.
I am so proud that I can serve this place that serves this community – It has been my greatest joy and most humbling experience – and I could not be more grateful for everyone that has been moved to support it.
My thanks will never feel like enough so I lean on the words of others.

“Find the others.
Find the people in the same place as you who want to build the same things.
Ask them what they’re interested in, ask them what they’re making, and ask them if you can help.
Put it together….
…Start talking. Start building it. Make it calmly, and make it complex and inclusive.
Make it real. Make it human. Make it weird and wonderful.
No more circuses. Make Future Everything.”     – Warren Ellis


Thank you all – I am luckiest because I get to build this with you.

Butch Roy

Executive Director of HUGE Theater and Humble Servant


Throwback Night 2018 Casts Announced

We are extremely excited to announce the cast of the upcoming season of our annual Throwback Night shows – thank you all to those who auditioned!

Close Quarters – directed by Lauren Anderson and Nels Lennes

Chris Barth
Craig Corsi
Erik Hoversten
Erik Nielsen
Keren Gudeman
Michael Rogers
Pamela Mazzone
Ryan Vanasse
Sam Beeson
Shannon Foy

La Ronde – directed by Michael Ritchie

Abe VanderBent
Adam Mellerup
Alicia Wheelock
Becci Schmidt
John Eisenrich
Marty Wessels
Michael Weingartner
Tommy Caravello
Zoa Dru

The Living Room – directed by Jill Bernard

Aaron Cook
Cody Madison
Danielle Heinert
Kevin Albertson
Kya Fischer
Lucas Hines
Matt Axelson
Matt Slater
Michael DallaValle
Richard Ralston
Sandra Struthers
Valerie Hurst
Vanessa Tu

Throwback Night casts begin working in October and the show opens January 5th!