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Do what you can, what you want, what you must.

I have been chewing on this for a week or so, trying to get to the bottom of it so I can reply to the person that sent it, but that doesn’t seem possible since it was posted anonymously – but talking about it has brought up some interesting points that I wanted to get… Read more »

it's the HUGE Hangout Auction

  Visit eBay (CLICK HERE) to bid on social outings with your favorite local performers and friends in the second HUGE HANGOUT AUCTION! Right now we have several amazing auction items, including a beach party (with the Class of 94), karaoke (with Sean & the Ladies), a customized tour of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts… Read more »

Jill Bernard's improv teaching tips

Last weekend we had the pilot of our Teach The Teacher program!  I’ve felt like it would be great to offer improv teachers training for a long time, but I never wanted to do it, because I’m not a perfect teacher and I’d hate to crank out a bunch of Jill Bernard clones.  It’s a… Read more »

What Directors Want You To Know About Auditioning for Improv

This weekend we taught a class in “Auditioning for Improv” at HUGE Theater.  To prepare, I asked local improv directors for some tips, the things they wanted auditioners to know.  Here’s what they said: 1) Stevie Ray, Stevie Ray’s Improv Company: Be yourself and don’t worry about the others auditioning.  Turn off the “laugh meter”… Read more »

Any way you want it, it's the way it will be

Butch is going to write another blog entry, but he hasn’t yet, so I thought I’d write a pre-blog entry. I just invented that, it’s an new thing. The essence is this: HUGE Improv Theater is your theater. It belongs to you. If we wanted it to belong to us, we would’ve founded a for-profit… Read more »