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A Guide To Reviewing Improv

Reprinted from Short Form (Games) vs Long Form (Scenic): Improv generally comes in one of two main categories, Short Form or Long Form. “Short-Form” is insider jargon for games like you’d see on Whose Line is it Anyway or ComedySportz where the rules are decided on ahead of time. “Long-form” is insider jargon for… Read more »

Jill Bernard's Advice on Solo Improv

In honor of the Solo Improv Showcase tomorrow, I thought I’d share some general advice on solo improv: Find someplace to test your piece – a cabaret, a friendly open mic, in between some group improv pieces. Once you’ve done a small test, the piece will tell you what it wants to grow up to… Read more »

Guidelines for HUGE Shows

The HUGE guidelines have been moved to a Google Doc so we can keep the current and keep them all in the same location:

HUGE Theater Improv Mixer!

It’s time for the HUGE Theater Fall Improv Mixer! Saturday, November 17, 2012 1-4pm The mixer is great if you’re looking to form a group, looking to add new people to an existing group, hope to join an existing group, or just want some time to do some improv and get to know all of… Read more »

The Difficulty of Reviewing Improv

There was a piece in the Star Tribune that’s making its way around about how the Twin Cities theater scene does a bad job of self-critique. It got me musing about the difficulties of critiquing improv, for the audiences, journalists, and performers alike. These are incomplete and scattered thoughts but here goes: More than once… Read more »

HUGE Beer Menu

HUGE is happy to be home to the Bearded Bar and its awesome selection of beer and wine – including: Grain Belt Premium Grain Belt – Noreast Lift Bridge Farm Girl Lift Bridge Crosscut Finnegans Tall Grass – Buffalo Sweat Tall Grass – Velvet Rooster Tall Grass – 8 Bit Tall Grass – IPA Tall Grass – Oasis TG… Read more »

Fringe Festival Alert

Just to clarify – The MN Fringe does not begin until August 2nd. However we are closed 7/28-8/1 for Fringe tech week to allow the Fringe technicians to load in and all the shows time to prep in the space for opening on the 2nd. — The Minnesota Fringe Festival is upon us! Whoo hoo!… Read more »

HUGE Announces our first-ever Headshot and Resume Day!

Saturday, July 7, 2012 at HUGE Improv Theater Casting agents ask us all the time if we can send them improvisors to audition for commercials!  It’s fun work and great money, but you need a little bit of prep to get it.  To serve this need, HUGE is offering its first-ever Headshot and Resume Day…. Read more »