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Throwback Night Auditions

Hey all – signups are open for Throwback Night auditions.  It’s our showcase of classic improv forms.  If you were in Throwback Night previously you’re welcome to audition to be part of it again!

Adam Iverson's book list

We had Adam Iverson as our guest monologist last night at Show X, and it was wonderful, we are very grateful to him.  What became abundantly clear is that books shaped his life.  We asked him for his list of book recommendations, and here it is. ADAM WRITES: I would just like to go on record as… Read more »

GUEST BLOG: M4W Marketing Advice

Marketing your improv group is a daunting task!  We asked Jordan Bainer, Casey Haeg and Joe Halvarson of M4W to write a guest blog on the topic, as they’ve got serious hustle. Here’s what they had to say: When we were developing M4W, we focused on marrying a fun form to play with and a… Read more »

Crambo and Dumb Crambo

Crambo is a really old game, dating back to the 14th century old.  I was taught it by Sparky Johnson who was taught it by Viola Spolin who invented the American tradition of Improvisational Theater. How to play: One player says, “I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with ____.”  Then the other players try… Read more »

Creature Feature Auditions

Be part of a HUGE Horror classic! We are holding auditions for CREATURE FEATURE, the improvised monster movie – scheduled to run Fridays at 8pm September 6th through October 25, plus a special show Halloween Night. Sunday, July 14, 2013 10:00am until 2:00pm Saturday, July 20, 2013 12:00pm until 4:00pm The sign up form is… Read more »

On Forming an Improv Community

Some thought I wrote up on forming an improv community — Jill Bernard An improv community does not spring out of the ground. It takes a lot of aggressive effort. Whoever the average businessperson would call your competition, walk across the street into the lion’s den and collaborate on something. Share students, share performers, share… Read more »

You got the Groupon – how to use it?

  To make a reservation :: Step 1 –  Choose the Show you would like to attend from the calendar (link at the bottom as well) —– Step 2 —— —– Step 3 —— —– Step 4 —— —– Step 5 ——   —– Step 6 ——  Show up and enjoy! the box office opens… Read more »