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Systems new and old

Some Updates, some new News and some old News you may not have known! One of the strange upsides to big internal changes – like bringing our new Artistic Director on board and up to speed – is having to explain our systems and what they’re meant to do. It gives us a rare chance… Read more »

Intersections and Intentions

To HUGE Theater audiences, supporters, performers and community:   If you don’t already know, get ready to know – at HUGE we’re devoted to diversity and inclusion. It’s a goal and a process. Along the way, we’re fully aware and ready to admit that we have made mistakes in the past and it’s very likely… Read more »

Answering Anonymous Question: Age in Improv

We received an anonymous message via our contact form: “The local improv community has taken some amazing steps recently to address issues around gender and racial inequality. I recently noticed the TCIF form has demographic questions, and think this is a very good thing. I wonder if as a community we could yes and this… Read more »

Answering Anonymous Question – Show X !

A question submitted via our Anonymous Feedback Form on our Contact page: Q:  “How does Show X casting work? What does one need to do to put themselves in a position to someday be cast? Also, once cast is it a lifetime appointment like The Supreme Court?” — A:  We get this question whenever Show… Read more »

Happy Hour with the Board 2015

August 13, 2015 – About 40 people attended this year’s Open House and Meeting, where Butch Roy, Jill Bernard, Molly Chase, and Nels Lennes presented. (Everyone enjoyed reminding each other that Butch had recently returned from being at sea.) Adam Iverson took photos and Kevin Albertson presented tips for promoting your shows, events or groups via social media… Read more »

Riots Squads and Fire Hoses

Bradley recently emailed me with some concerns, presented politely, which led to a wide-ranging discussion that’s published here.   Negative/constructive feedback, in some form or another, has been going on since the IAGG started – I did the scheduling, ran the website, paid for the hosting, worked the box office and hosted the show and… Read more »

Bring on the Days of Wine & Roses…

This exchange took place via email on a recent afternoon between Bradley Machov and Butch Roy. It started as one thing, and expanded into a whole lot more. It’s presented much as it was written, with slight edits for public presentation.   Bradley: I think you should seriously consider, every time you announce new show… Read more »