HUGE Hangout Auction Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who bid on fun hangouts with HUGE performers, students and fans. All proceeds went to help HUGE survive and thrive in this tough time. Thank you SO much to everyone who donated a hangout, everyone who bid, and to the dynamic duo of Breanna & Bree who organized the whole shebang!

And now, the winners!
An Hour in the Fake Writers’ Room of Your Choice with Emily Schmidt! Molly Chase
Awkward Date with Dilly Dally! Shea Roberts Gyllen
Become Produce with Ari Newman! Andrew Christian
Craft Puppets with PUPPETS! Jon Reek
Custom LEGO Art with Blake Wanger! Boo Segersin
Eat Dinner and Watch a Movie with The Mess! Erik Ostrom
Homemade Indian Takeout with Abs & Ian! Bree Dalager
HUGE Golden Ticket! Erik Ostrom
HUGE Golden Ticket! Jada Pulley
HUGE Golden Ticket! Heather Baldwin
Jackbox with Casey Haeg! Ariel Lopez
Life Coaching with Taj Ruler! Jon Slock
Making with Kelsey Dilts McGregor! Ariel Lopez
Mending with Kelsey Dilts McGregor! Breanna Cecile
MurderClown Writes Your Obituary! Kristin Turnblom
MurderClown Writes Your Obituary! Jane White
One-on-one Intro to Voiceover Crash Course with Ian Fishman! John Bickford
Photos with Adam Iverson! Andrew Christian
Play Pinball with MJ! Bree Dalager
Resume Review & Alcohol/Ice Cream with Bree! Erin McFerrin
Ryan Klima Will Draw You Literally Anything! Kristen Ragnacci
Sailing with Cliff Zawasky! Erik Ostrom
Sailing with Cliff Zawasky! Matt Axelson
SeaQuest with Subatomic Duck! Jill Bernard
Virtual Puzzle Room with Subatomic Duck! Matt Axelson
Wake & (Egg) Bake with Michael Krefting! Bethany Grimes
Your Horror Story by Sean Dillon! Sean Dillon
Zoom Movie with Subatomic Duck! Ari Newman