A brief statement from HUGE Theater

White supremacy caused this.
White silence caused this.
Police brutality caused this.
Not listening to BIPOC voices caused this.
Not making real changes when protests were peaceful caused this.
George Floyd is another in a long list of lives taken that caused this.

Like many of you, we are angry at the causes of this uprising – and we stand in support of those rising up to demand justice for George Floyd and for real reform and change in our city, in our police and in the systems that shelter and abide racism and injustice.

“Black Lives Matter” cannot just be a sign we put up in hopes that it saves our windows from being broken, it is something we need to stand behind and take steps to affirm so it shows in our daily actions.
We recognize that they are empty words unless and until we all make the importance of black lives a lived reality by dismantling the systems of white supremacy that oppress BIPOC in our city and nation.

We strive to be part of solution, and we join the rest of our community in rage and grief at this tragic injustice.