A Note on the Giant Leap Campaign

Hey there all you friends of HUGE!

We’re deep in the heart of our Giant Leap Capital Campaign for the purchase of our new building. Thank you all so much for everything all of you have done and given already.

We’ve gotten some really helpful feedback from some folks that a reason they haven’t donated is that they don’t feel like you can make an impact. That they see a $640,000 capital campaign as the sort of thing that is going to depend on a handful of incredibly rich funders, so why bother.

Please know: we ARE going after those great big donations. And we have substantive reasons to believe this fundraising campaign can and will succeed. But we also need our community to step up as much as it can. It makes a very real difference. We’re not a conventional theater organization, and we can’t attack this campaign in a conventional way. We have already raised over $135K in individual donations and pledges alone, and we think with your help we could double that by September.

Our ask of you is $1000. We know that isn’t a small number. Honestly, it is a big number for all of us too. We’ve already seen some really creative and heroic approaches to meeting that target. People are hosting events and shows. People have approached their families, employers, improv teams, and social groups. We’ve also seen thousands of dollars of small donations, via cash, text, or website. Each donation may be a drop in the bucket, but as anyone with a leak can tell you, DROPS FILL BUCKETS. So if $1000 isn’t a number you (or you and your friends) can swing, please swing whatever number you can. It all matters.

The other thing we’ve heard is concern about what happens to the campaign funds, if the purchase of the Arts Materials building falls through. If for any reason that should heartbreakingly occur, it won’t be the end, but a beginning of a longer journey. We will continue seeking out a space where we can make a permanent home, and the funds raised will continue to support that effort, purchase, and build-out. If you’d like to donate, but your donation is contingent on the success of this particular project, please let us know. We want to honor our ethical obligations, with regards to the use of your donations.

Right now, there is another matching opportunity to help people’s donations go further. HUGE’s Board of Directors is putting up matching funds for up to $5000 in donations. To contribute to meeting that match, give at the link below.


Thank you all for EVERYTHING you are doing to help make HUGE — and this campaign — a success. We are awed by the community we get to serve.

Love, HUGE