2018 Family Dinner Cast Announced

I know directors always say this, but seriously, I was astonished by the auditions this year. Not only by the sheer number of people that showed up, but by what everyone left out on that stage. It was an excruciating decision to narrow it down to this small list but even with that, I was so heartened by this process. Eeep, we’re a lucky town.

Don’t let this be anyone’s last audition. You are great.

Here is the 2018 Family Dinner cast:

  1. Alexis Camille
  2. Anna Tobin
  3. Ellie Hino
  4. Emily Townswick
  5. George Keller
  6. Janay Henry
  7. Jen Scott
  8. Justin Betancourt
  9. Katy Kessler
  10. Lizzie Gardner
  11. Maureen Tubbs
  12. Michael Renner
  13. Michael Rogers
  14. Mike Fotis
  15. MJ Marsh
  16. Sam Baker Harris
  17. Sam Landman
  18. Seniz Yargici Lennes
  19. Siri Hellerman
  20. Tom Winner


*Family Dinner is an M Ritchie Production