Twin Cities Improv Festival Workshops!

The Twin Cities Improv Festival is an annual celebration of the best of improvisation. The 2018 festival features workshops from nationally-known instructors on Saturday June 23. Scholarships are available! Please CLICK HERE

Individuals: $60 per class
TCIF performers: $50 per class

There are opportunities to study with Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto (Here)!
and/or Pepper Barry and Laura Eichorn (Virginia Slims)!
and/or Rich Baker and Rolland Lopez (Rollin’ in Riches)!

TCIF workshops are not suitable for absolute beginners – and all workshops are 18+

Register now – These will sell out. 


Improv Rehab with Rance Rizzutto (HERE)

Looking to get out of your head, create richer environments and stay connected to your group while improvising? Every improviser picks up a bad habit or two along their journey. Improv Rehab targets the big ones and keeps the entire group actively participating throughout


Play the RiR way! (Rollin’ In Riches) 

Cut-to’s, tag-outs, time dashes…Rollin’ in Riches has these often (but not always!) in their shows! We get asked a lot about it…how do we know when to do it? How do we know WHAT the move is? When one person makes a move, how do we know it’s a new move and how do we know what they’re intending? In this workshop, we teach how we go about doing these things when we play!


My Status, My Choice with Tara DeFrancisco (HERE)

“No one can make you inferior without your consent.” Improvisation tells us to say yes to things, but creative yeses help us avoid traps of low-status or being pigeon-holed. You make choices, you don’t have your right to choices made! Let’s laugh and do the unexpected. (Female-identifying and non-binary players encouraged, but all are welcome.)


Your Show from the Top Down with Pepper Berry (Virginia Slims)

This unique workshop focuses not just on scene work but on your show as a whole. Your show has a beginning and end so it has structure, it slows down and it speeds up so it has a tempo, it can have an emotional through line or a narrative. There are so many things to do with it other than a mixed bag of random scenes leading to a blackout. Whether you come to this workshop with your teammates or individually we will explore how to make your shows unpredictable to your audience, your teammates and YOU through variety, effective action, character choice and most importantly communication with your teammates through those choices. This ain’t your average workshop. I’ve flipped it on its head so don’t expect to be sitting down half the time, come to play hard!


POV: Passion, Originality, Voice. with Laura Eichhorn (Virginia Slims)

Why just BE in the scene when you can LIVE in the scene? It’s all about specificity of POV. Laura delves into what makes your characters tick and will help you get laughs using their honest and unique wants and needs. Learn how to quickly find your character’s point of view and stick the fuck to it.


Tara DeFrancisco (Here) was awarded “Funniest Person in Chicago” by the Free Press, “30 Under 30” in the Windy City Times, and “25 Funniest Females 2009” in Curve Magazine for her ventures in stand up, sketch, and improv. She teaches improv courses and workshops to people of all ages and backgrounds across this nation, and that’s about the most rewarding thing ever – traveling to elementary and high schools, colleges, and offices all over the country as both an introductory instructor and a professional Comedy Consultant. Tara has taught for all ComedySportz, iO, and Second City in Chicago, both in-house and on location. Tara is a 3-year veteran of Second City Touring Company, a decorated ComedySportz 3-time MVP, and an iO teacher, coach, house performer, and enthusiast. There are no words for how very thankful she is.

Rance Rizzutto (Here) has performed, coached and taught improv for years. Long-form with iO Chicago (Chaos Theory) and other various independent groups. Short-form with ComedySportz and Second City Theatricals (aboard NCL ships). Musical and hip-hop/rap with The Deltones, Baby Wants Candy, and The Beatbox. Even silent improv in The Silent Treatment. Rance has coached and designed team building and provided services for Intel, Nike, AT&T, Wells Fargo, IBM, Hewlett Packard and more. He’s even done improv all over the world, mostly in Here, a two person musical with Tara DeFrancisco herself! He is also known for his photography, hypnotism, and hosting.


Rich Baker (Rollin’ In Riches) has been improvising since May of 1999 and  began teaching in 2005. Since then he has been a faculty member for Second City Chicago, Second City Hollywood, Westside Comedy Theatre, ComedySportz Chicago and The Comedy Shrine.

Rolland Lopex (Rollin’ In Riches) is a student, teacher, player, coach. Short-form enthusiast, long-form lover.
“I didn’t know I was gonna fall in love with this art form but I love the moments that occur when you don’t know what you’re about to do and say.”


Laura Eichorn (Virginia Slims) grew up in Portland, Oregon, where she started acting as a wee sprite. She moved to New York at the age of eighteen and got her BFA in acting from Marymount Manhattan College.

In New York, Laura worked as a model, making the cover of two magazines… and over twenty covers of cheesy romance novels. She continued working as a model when she moved to Los Angeles, until she discovered that doing comedy was much more interesting and fun. (Even more fun than posing with a hunky guy while wearing an old timey wedding dress.)

Laura is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory and Long Form Program as well as iO West and spends most of her time writing and performing.

Pepper Barry (Virginia Slims)  –  After a brief stint at stand up in Texas, Pepper Berry moved to L.A. to be a screenwriter and then fell into music where he spent 15 years playing in bands around the Los Angeles punk scene, touring the United States and recording albums with either his old band Buck or his current band Bobot Adrenaline.

Being a fan of SCTV he began studying at The Second City Hollywood where he quickly fell in love with improv. He is a graduate of The Second City’s Conservatory and Long form programs, iO West, UCB, The Nerdist, Comedy Sportz, The Second City Directing Program as well as studying at the Groundlings. Besides Virginia Slims, Pepper is a cast member of The Second City Hollywood’s long running The Really Awesome Improv Show as well as a past member of The Second City House Ensemble, the iO Honor Roll team. He has played on iO Harold teams B-Side and (nebraska), and can be seen on the Nerdist House team Aeroplane. He is currently a teacher and director at The Second City Hollywood.

Between the two of them Laura and Pepper are grads of or have studied at The Second City Hollywood, Upright Citizen Brigade, iO West, Comedy Sportz, The Nerdist, and the Groundlings. They are ridiculous improv nerds at heart and available to teach workshops at your festival as well.