2018 Hangout Auction Winners

Thank you again the incredible members of the Twin Cities improv community for putting together another amazing Hangout Auction to support our weird little home!

The Hangout Auction Winners:

– Play and drink with outOFcontext!  ::  Craig Corsi
– Dog walking with Kristen Ragnacci!  ::  Jill Bernard
– Learn woodworking with Chad Anderson!  ::  Natalie Little
– Dinner with your parents…and John Gebretatose!  ::  Bree Dalager
– Photos with Adam Iverson!  ::  Andy Christian
– Lunch with Ship Scavengers!  ::  Sean Dillon
– Your own episode of Next at Bat!  ::  Eric Heiberg
Hangout for the Anxious Introvert with Katy Kessler!  ::  Erik Ostrom
– Be the Dally with DillyDallHaus!  ::  Craig Corsi
– Personal Record Store Day with Ian Fish Man!   ::   Michael Fotis
– Be a guest on the Food Scientists Podcast!  ::  Sandra CarterSmith
– Hug David Lipkin!  ::  Bree Dalager
– Cross Stitch and Bad Movies with Squash Banana!  ::  Ariel Lopez
– Dinner with Robin Gillette!  ::  Heather Meyer
– Cody Narrates the Audience in Song Takes You to The Biggest Ball of Twine in MN!  ::  Erin Kennedy
– National Day of Improv with Nathan Kelly!  ::  Bryan Pierce
– Mini Golf, Art and Ice Cream with Two, Too (in Tutus too?)!  ::  Heather Baldwin
– Lift Weights with Hannah Wydeven!  ::  Jill Bernard
– Duo with Jill Bernard – LOCAL BIDS ONLY!  ::  Amy Zajack
– Duo with Jill Bernard – OUT-OF-TOWN BIDS ONLY!  ::  Eric Caldwell
– Pastry Tasting with Shea!  ::  Michael Hanson
– Custom Puzzle Room with Craig Corsi (1 of 2: Cooking Theme)!  ::  Bree Dalager
– Custom Puzzle Room with Craig Corsi (2 of 2: Technology Theme)!  ::  Heather Baldwin
– Dune board game day with Adam and Mookie!  ::  Breanna Cecile
– Dune on LASERDISC with Colossal Park!  ::  Andy Christian
– Get puzzled with Jesters Comedy Improv!  ::  Danny Sussman
– An evening of karaoke with Lounge Lizzy!  ::  Mary Wright
– Watch Bryce watch Rita watch Twisted!  ::  Jacob Scott
– Classic video game day with Bryce Kalal!  ::  Michael Deneen
– Loiter with jorts!  ::  Breanna Cecile
– Legos at the Science Museum with Subatomic Duck!  ::  Mary Wright
– Dinner and a Play with Heather Baldwin!  ::  Amy Burge
– HUGE Golden Ticket!  ::  Kristin Turnblom
– HUGE Golden Ticket!  ::  Ariel Lopez
– HUGE Golden Ticket!  ::  Afton Benson
– Food from India and movie night with BollyProv!  ::  Eric Heiberg
– Thrift shopping with Bree!  ::  Christopher Harrington
– Fiasco with the Frogs!  ::  Christopher Harrington
– Duo with DallaValle!  ::  John Bickford
– Second Breakfast with Second Breakfast!  ::  Danny Sussman
– Board Games with Jeff and Abe!  ::  Christopher Harrington

Thanks to everyone who fought and clawed and won – the Hangout Auction raised a grand total of $4296.40 to support HUGE Theater !