Step NEXT : Getting to know the unknowns

STEP THREE:  Feedback at our Community Forum affirmed that HUGE is needed and that our community is unequivocal in rejecting white supremacy.  To that end, we held an emergency board meeting on Wednesday, September 13, and resolved the following:

We are committed that HUGE must stay open and continue to serve our community.

We’re committed to ending our current tenancy through purchase or relocation by the end of our lease – August 31, 2023, or sooner if possible. We are considering all options, including attempting to purchase the building. It is also possible our landlord will sell the building to someone else.

We know firsthand the complexity of the task at hand and we will not put the legacy of HUGE at risk by being hasty. We have an imperative to do the research that positions HUGE for a sustainable next chapter. We are meeting with experts in a variety of fields and putting in the work to determine our options.

We are committed to helping our staff and community grow stronger so we can all be ready for the hard work ahead. Staff members are attending restorative justice training this month and HUGE is adding trauma-informed instruction training for our teachers this winter.

NEXT STEPS: We will continue to post updates as we learn more.
We are grateful for this amazing community and we appreciate your kind words and offers of support. There is no doubt we will need it.