Make light for people that are suffering – never make light OF people that are suffering

It’s hard to go to work at a place where people act silly and feel like what we’re doing matters at all right now.   No….”hard” isn’t the right word. We have it easy.  When you run a place that is supposed to make people laugh it can be hard to know how we can help when there’s nothing to laugh about.

It feels trivial. It feels small. It feels like the most luxurious privilege to go on smiling when people are suffering so violently. It feels crass to continue making laughter down the street from where people are weeping with strangers.

Would it make anything better to stop and remove more happiness and laughter from the world right now? Certainly not.

Of all the uncomfortable tasks being undertaken this week, ours is still the easiest by far. We will keep this thing lit so it is here when people need a place to come smile in all this darkness.

We continue because we know that it can be important to be a source of something positive – without diminishing or ignoring what is wrong – and a great honor when people come to us in need of some happiness or healing or just a brief escape.

That is what we do and it IS a great privilege.
We will be here when you need us.
We are here to serve.