HUGE Hangout Auction Results

The annual Hangout Auction has come to a close with an amazing total of just over six thousand dollars raised to help support HUGE Theater through the summer!

The complete list of items and winners is as follows:

Classic Video Gaming Day with Bryce Kalal! Blake Wanger
Valley Fair (or Scare) with Naughty & Creepy! Blake Wanger
HUGE Golden Ticket! Daniel Ruby
HUGE Golden Ticket! Dan Haeg
HUGE Golden Ticket! Corey Jansen
Your Own Personal Clown! Emily Lindholm
Minneapolis Mini-Golf Open with This Just In! Abe vanderBent
Wait, We Live Together? Abe vanderBent
Get A Plate of Fries with Kiss Kiss Slap (tater tots are not fries)! Abe vanderBent
Baseball, Brews, & Brats with Tim! Abe vanderBent
Karaoke with Crossweaving! Emily Townswick
Blab ‘n’ Beer with Gregory Parks! Amy Zajack
MAYHEM in Vegas! Paul Barrett
Learn & Drink with Ty & MJ! Bree Dalager
Grab Some Ice Cream with Ladyfriend at Milkjam! Ariel Lopez
Chipper Happy Day of Fun with Mary, Breanna, and special guest ABE! Robert Wagner
Dinner & Theatre with Heather Baldwin! Amy Burge
Karaoke with Crossweaving! Liv Anderson
Ice Cream Tour with Heather Baldwin! Cynthia Rodriguez
Tea Time with the Cast of Bearded Manor! Divya Maiya
Fingerpainting with The Painters! Breanna Cecile
Check Out That Giraffe with Gregory Parks! Emily Shaftel
LEGO Custom Design and “Block” Party with Blake Wanger! Josh Krauskopf
Learn to Juggle with Joshua Krauskopf! Kate Novak
An Evening of Board Games! Emmett Cowen
Urban Exploring Adventure with Troy Zimmerman! Corey Jansen
Mystery Hangout with Nathan and Abe! Shelley Johnson
Fake Music Lessons with Michael Krefting! Ngyuen Hoang
Board Game Day with Michael Krefting! Ngyuen Hoang
Chasing Waterfalls with Blake Wanger! Bruce Rehberg
Kool-Aid and eBay with Meghan Wolff! John Rogers
Go Jogging and Eat Salad with Bryan Pierce! Bryan Pierce
CANDY with Goof Goof at MN’s Largest Candy Store! Bryan Pierce
Coloring Books and Beer with Jane White, Hooray! Samuel Bauman
Space Jam Hangout and Host! Anthony Gillen
License to Krill: Netflix and Krill! Jeff Gyllen
Sandwich Judgement with Side Pickle! Jeff Gyllen
A Crafternoon with Squash Banana! Robert Wagner
Bowling with the Pin Pals! Steve Bennett
Chili and Chill with Bowl of Chili! Matthew Neisen
Totes Recall LIVE! See a movie with the Totes Recall crew! Erik Ostrom
Beer Hike with Nathan Rouse and Mary Kane! Amy Zajack
Skate Date with Erin and James! Meghan Wolff
Blizzards with Dairy Royalty! Phillip Schramm
FOOD! with Nathan Rouse! Heather Baldwin
Manners & Misconduct Presents: Tea and Gossip! Ellen Jaquette
Be a Guest on Next At Bat! Bennett Christensen
Nerd Out with Denzel Belin! Daniel Jaquette
Duo with DallaValle! Justin Betancourt
Road Trip with The Pickup Artists! Michele Wegscheid
Slap Lipkin in the Face (or pay to protect him)! Joseph Niemi
Improv Duo with Jill Bernard! Jesse Parent
Photos of an Hour of Your Life with Adam Iverson! Erin Kennedy
Photoshoot with Clay Macartney! Bruce Rehberg
Homemade Pizza with Clay Macartney! Bruce Rehberg
Reminisce with Clay Macartney! Bree Dalager
Bridge with Superfan David Lund! Bree Dalager
Intro to Bridge with David Lund! Adam Litz
A Hug from Clay Macartney! Emmett Cowen
Pie-making Lesson from Cliff Zawasky! Michael Krefting
Worst First Date with Erin Kennedy! Steve Daniel
Watch a Copa América Centenario Match with Minnesota United FC’s Jamie Watson! Adam Litz
Home-cooked Meal & an ARTShare Performance with Shea Roberts! Denzel Belin
Lazer Cats with Actual Cat! Phillip Schramm
Go to a Bar & Watch Sports with Bradley Machov! Drew Kersten
You Can’t Do That to Bryan Pierce! Justin Betancourt
Swindle & a Pint with Joe McGowan! Nathan Rouse
Drunken Milkshakes with Amy Zajack! Bree Dalager
Trip to the Como Zoo with The Mess! Robert Wagner
Air Music Lessons with Michael Krefting! Ngyuen Hoang

THANK YOU to everyone that donated and bid – and to the amazing people that put the Hangout Auction together and run it every year. We love you.