Performer Payment Model

HUGE Theater Show Payment Model :: Updated : February 2016

Ticket prices are set by the theater – Friday and Saturday shows are paid a flat fee based on attendance and HUGE Theater will perform all normal marketing and promotions to help shows succeed, with the expectation that casts and performers are doing so as well.

Friday/Saturday 8pm/9:30pm shows:  $150 each for every performance over 70 in attendance
Friday/Saturday 10:30pm shows: $75 each for every performance over 60 in attendance
Late show pay is split $15 opener/$60 headliner for each instance.

Non-standard shows/rental event shows (ie Saturday 6pm):
First $50 per show to cover staffing
Everything beyond is split 60/40 in favor of the artists

Attendance numbers do NOT include comps issued by the cast

Attendance numbers DO include free tickets used by students of HUGE

Payments will be sent after the run of shows is complete.

Payments can be a lump sum via check (to an individual or business entity, if you have one) or Square Cash payments either in lump sum or individual amounts to each performer – you will be asked for a breakdown of the amount each individual is to be paid and list of email addresses.