I can hear your laughter – it stays with me after all this time.

GTMD15 has now ended and we are left with so many thanks to give…

Once again, HUGE Theater held the 28 hour improv marathon (or Improvathon) to raise money on Give To The Max Day to support the ongoing growth and operations of the theater.  The people pictured above stayed and watched 24 hours (or more) of shows while also fundraising for our theater – and once again we were stunned, delighted and humbled by the incredible generosity of the community we serve.
Everyone here is still more than a little weepy with joy, for good reason.
I have even more reasons, as there have been some surprises since we all staggered home.

But first… THANK YOU to Common Roots and Steamship Cafe for providing coffee that fueled the insanity that fuels the theater. 


…and so much support that no amount of thanks will ever feel like enough.


Give To the Max Day is THE fundraising day of the year for HUGE Theater – we made the decision to give our supporters, students, members and audiences a break from constant fundraising in hopes that the experience coming to HUGE would never be impaired or interrupted by asking for money.

Instead we focus our efforts on our biggest event of the year – this is the day we reach out to members, friends, families, co-workers, audiences and everyone else we could reach – and what happens when we come to this community for support is always something to behold.

Last year we were shocked to find out we had reached our fundraising goal of $25,000 by the time Give to the Max Day began and went on to raise $44,965 in one day!  This year we asked everyone to do it again by setting our fundraising goal at $50,000.

The number are in from our box office and our official GiveMN.org tally is $39,775.21  which brought our grand total with all online donations and door proceeds to:


We received 690 gifts online from over 500 donors all over the world – This is astonishing, humbling and cause for much celebration – BUT WAIT!!! – In a perfect moment of drama, HUGE won the final Golden Ticket from GiveMN.org moments after the total raised was announced in the theater!


Early this morning I was informed via email that the Machov Family Foundation has generously donated the remaining balance – which means that HUGE THEATER HAS REACHED OUR GTMD15 GOAL OF FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!

The Winners

We are also thrilled to announce that our top Iron Audience fundraiser was Alex Carlson!

Top five fundraising performing groups:

1st place:  Squash Banana!

2nd place :  Horseface

3rd place:  We Have Cats

4th place:  The Farther Away Team

5th place:  Ladyfriend!


In closing, another heartfelt thanks to EVERY single person who participated in this achievement – staff, photographers, techs, donors, cleaning volunteers, runners of errands, and ALL the performers – Thank you so much!  Somehow we will find a way to say it (and type it) enough. You’re all so amazing and you are exactly what makes this place so incredible.

Seeing all our friends on stage or in the green room or in the hallways, behind the desk in the middle of the night, getting coffee in the afternoon, changing garbages or sleeping on the couch in the lobby – that is absolutely the best.

Not being able to go two minutes without seeing someone ask a performer or volunteer or audience member what they could do to help and just taking care of one another throughout all the hours of laughing, playing, cleaning, performing and hustle – that is what this is all about.

Nobody ever says they love HUGE or that HUGE is important because of the stage, the seats, the lights or the other parts of the building – they love this place and it is important because of the people you will find here.  Some of the most generous, dedicated, wonderful, funny and talented people I have ever met in my life and it is my profound privilege to know. I am so grateful you are all part of this place.

The place is closest to being the place we dreamed of when it is filled with all of you.

Thank you all.

Butch Roy

– Executive Director of HUGE Theater and Humble Servant