Me and my friends are like the drums on Lust For Life

TCIF 9 : In progress

Every year I swear I am going to post some kind of recap for each night, every year I get started and then remember that just repeating “IT WAS SO AMAZING AND FUN, YOU JUST HAD TO BE THERE” isn’t really very good reading.

Waiting until the end of the festival to post a recap has also yielded poor results, as my brain has stopped working by then and the blurry recollections of someone that just overdosed on their favorite fun thing isn’t very good reading either.

If there’s one thing that never changes, it is how I feel about TCIF and what TCIF means.

I started working on a Twin Cities Improv Festival more than ten years ago (the first year started production 19 months in advance) because I love the Twin Cities improv scene, I am the biggest fan of the unscripted work I see all around me and I thought it was a shame how few people I talked to (both in Minnesota and at festivals around the country) knew about it.  I want everyone, both locally and nationally, to see it AND get a chance to see all the incredible groups we could bring here.

It is so powerfully fun that I want to share it with everyone, all the time – That’s it. It’s that simple and it always has been – That is the foundation of the festival and of HUGE theater.

We don’t want you to see more improv because we opened a theater – we opened a theater because we want you to see more improv. 

That is the one thing that makes sense of all the hard work and stress and scary times and financial risk over ten years and tens of thousands of hours. The answer to all of those things was and still is the question “HAVE YOU SEEN HOW AMAZING THESE PEOPLE ARE?!?”

And not nearly enough people have – so we created a festival to give people that don’t live here a chance to come see it and built a theater to give the people that live here a place to find it and the performers around us a place to do it – and getting to stand in the back of the theater and watch it every year makes it all worth it.  That’s how amazing these people are.

You just have to be here.