Throwback 2015 Rosters

It’s done!  After much rigorous thought and deliberation, I have created the team rosters for the 2015 season of Throwback Night!

As mentioned before, these were not easy decisions to make.  Over 80 people auditioned, and only 33 were assigned to teams.  A giant thank you to everyone who auditioned!  Here is the breakdown:

Harold – directed by Joe Bozic

Kevin Albertson

Madhu Bangalore

Michael Blomberg

Lizzie Gernes

Eric Heiberg

Drew Kersten

Josh Kuehn

Mark Mikula

Cody Nelson

Lauren Schwein

Dawson Walker

Close Quarters – directed by Nels Lennes

Jordan Bainer

Sophie Brossard

Dustin Brown

Molly Chase

Zoa Green

Ellen Q. Jaquette

MJ Marsh

Sid Oxborough

Kristen Pichette

Erin Sheppard

Anna Tobin

Deconstruction – directed by Butch Roy

Alex Carlson

Lauren Chesnut

Mike Fotis

Beth Gibbs

Casey Haeg

Adam Iverson

Adam Litz

Kenny Pierce

Michael Renner

Brian Rice

Mike Trost