My blurry vision saw nothing wrong.

I’m still writing up the next “State of HUGE” post that will be ready sometime after tomorrow – there are things in there I want to say on stage tomorrow and I’m sure I will forget, so it will be a nice follow up to my emotional ramblings – but I wanted to put together a post of highlights from 2012 as well.

This is by no means everything – I wanted to capture some of the things that I’m referring to when I tell people they wouldn’t believe half the crazy awesome things that happen at HUGE.  Some may only make sense to me, some may only confuse people further about the crazy things that happen at HUGE – but here are some of the landmarks from the last year:

Special guests!


Tim Hellendrung killed it this year bringing in special guests for Show X – Don Shelby, Chris Kluwe, John Moe and Brother Ali were among them and it was so cool to have them on our stage.

doughtyMike Doughty performed with us at a special late-night Armando after his appearance at Wits – and ended the set with an acoustic 3 song set.  To say this was a highlight of 2012 is a serious understatement.

Mike was just as awesome, laid back and flexible as you could wish for a celebrity you’re a massive fan of to be – and I am a big, big fan of Mike Doughty.

Most of our guests appeared the first Monday of each month at Show X – which meant that Mike Doughty and Brother Ali were on our stage within 72 hours of one another – As a total fanboy of both those artists it will stand out as two of the coolest shows I have ever been a part of.  As a producer at this theater, this was a moment where it really started to feel like absolutely anything could happen in this place – now we need to bring Mike Ness, Tim Armstrong and They Might Be Giants to our stage and then my head will happily explode.


These guys came to HUGE as well – BASSPROV!


Mark and Joe are some of the best and I love every time they come to town – which they have been doing for a long, long time.

It was really awesome to have them on our home stage this fall – we have the Midwest Regional Arts Council to thank for making it possible.






Also made possible by MRAC – Lights!


A big thanks goes out to Four Humors Theater for the long-term loan of their lights, which we were finally able to pay them for this year – and to MRAC for a grant that enabled us to put in real dimmers and a real light board so we can really light our shows in some really cool ways – for real.


Risers – Thanks to the big blue G!

risersThe Guthrie gave (yes. GAVE.) us platforms that transformed our seating – most people have no idea that the Guthrie gives materials to smaller theater companies all the time, and they don’t publicize or make a big fuss about it. But for a small new theater it makes a big difference.

Don’t worry – we found a better way to arrange them.





The drinking fountain – Anyone that doesn’t understand why getting a drinking fountain is a big deal or should be a highlight of the year has never had to spend a year feeling like they’re losing their mind picking up paper cups left on every flat surface.

This was one of the things central to the formulation of one of the big mantras at HUGE – “When you are getting pecked to death by ducks, you must murder the ducks, one by one.”

This was one duck that was slowly killing us – we showed that damn duck….anyhow.





There were some crazy surprises this year as well – some good, some bad and some….really really weird.


Our landlord, Julius DeRoma, surprised us with Xmas lights in HUGE red!

The entire time we’ve been here, Julius has been amazing to work with and so supportive of us. We already knew he was an awesome landlord and big supporter of what we’re doing here, but this was such a nice surprise. It may seem like a small thing but when was the last time you heard of anyone’s landlord being “awesome” and surprising them like this?

Never, that’s when – our landlord kicks ass.


Someone donated – and then someone else stole – a robot!


A robot named Del!  Wherever Del is now, we hope he’s having quite a strange adventure.

And then there was this…


Photo stolen from Theater of Public Policy’s Facebook page – this guy showed up, walked on stage and interrupted a show with a 62 POUND CARP IN HIS HANDS. He was NOT part of the show. He strolled on stage and launched into an incredibly detailed and informative lecture on the mating habits of the Asian Carp, much to everyone’s surprise.

No shit.

Jill and I are in a Facebook group of theater producers and managers around the world and, as far as we can tell from asking them, this is the WEIRDEST thing that has ever happened during a show.

Those are just some highlights – and really just some highlights that I have photographic evidence of – There was the Improvathon, The Tiny Funny Women Festival, Family Dinner, the extended run of Star Trek, GONE, the Twin Cities Improv Festival, the College Improv Tournament, the Fringe Festival and so many more moments – Photos and words don’t really capture what it’s like to be here when the magic happens or what it means to me that it happens here in this place we all built.

When people ask what I do for a living, sometimes it is hard to explain.  When people ask how things are going at HUGE, sometimes it is hard to speak.

Thank you all for an amazing year – only “the rest of them” to go!