Guidelines for HUGE Shows

If you should perform a show at HUGE…here are some guidelines we ask you to follow.


Your hard work makes HUGE Theater a success.  We are an artist-led company dedicated to supporting the Twin Cities improv community.  That’s you.  Thank you.


HUGE provides a stage, basic promotion, and general support, but not a built-in audience. All groups MUST advertise their own shows. We rely on you.


Please be mindful of the theater and the stage.

We do not have a cleaning staff.  Please dispose of trash and leave the space nicer than you found it.  If you need to store items here during your run, please talk to Butch, Nels, or Jill to find an appropriate storage spot.

Please do not leave cups or bottles behind.


Call is one hour before showtime.  At least one member of your group must arrive by then. If you have so few cast members that you A) Cannot perform your advertised show or B) Have to alter the show to something other than advertised, you MUST notify Butch, Nels or Jill ASAP.  It’s a good idea to do your scheduling well in advance.


One comp (free ticket) will be provided per cast member.  Please give a list to the box officer as you arrive.  If additional comps are needed (press, promotions) please talk to Butch, Nels or Jill.


You will be provided a house tech. If you would like to provide your own tech for a show, that person must go through an orientation of the tech booth with Butch or one of our house techs.


You may have a $1 soda or water at any time the night of your show.  You may also have a $1 beer or wine after your set.  Just tell the bartender you’re a performer.


It would be a great help if the host of your show would mention that HUGE is a non-profit that depends on donations; and if they’d like to become a sustaining member they can talk to the box officer or go to


We’ll never be done thanking you.