HUGE Beer Menu

HUGE is happy to be home to the Bearded Bar and its awesome selection of beer and wine – including:
Grain Belt Premium
Grain Belt – Noreast
Lift Bridge Farm Girl
Lift Bridge Crosscut
Tall Grass – Buffalo Sweat
Tall Grass – Velvet Rooster
Tall Grass – 8 Bit
Tall Grass – IPA
Tall Grass – Oasis
TG – Halcyon (seasonal wheat beer)
Guinness Stout
Black Butte Porter
Summit – EPA
Magic Hat
Blue Moon
Woodchuck Cider
Mike’s Hard Lemonade
John Henry
New Planet Rasberry (gluten free)
Widmer Brothers Blond
As well as Roggenbuck Estates Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio